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March 2011 Weddings


Okay I just need to get it out so I don't explode on DH. Some of you may remember that we originally had a Sept wedding date and we moved it because MIL said she was too sick to be involved in a fall wedding so we gave her six months and planned the March wedding for a few weeks after her last surgery (last of everything actually-she has gone to PT once or twice since her February surgery). During that time, as many will remember, MIL did all sorts of things and was a downright Biotch (aside from both my ILs breaking the law). I had sort of told DH that his mom was using her cancer as an excuse and that she was being a drama queen trying to gain sympathy. He kept telling me I was wrong and that I needed to be more understanding (this is why he&I have some things to work through right now), towards the end he started to stand up for us and our relationship. 

Well now, she is posting all over FB and her blog all these photos of her doing all sorts of things that, according to her she was too sick for. Country concert, hiking, travelling across the country etc. DH was pretty pissed about the concert-because we had offered to drive her to cake tasting with us that day but she said she was too sick and could barely get out of bed. That concert was just 2 days before our original fall date and then she went hiking in the Sierras just a few days later. DH is fairly upset over this, she has been caught in her lies and now he is hurt that she lied to him that whole time and he's upset that he thought I was just being difficult. Vindicated! But it bothers me that it has taken this long for him to see that I wasn't being difficult and that she was lieing to him and everyone else. 

Second thing, she has been posting comments on FB about what horrible people we are and not sending her anything for mothers day and what not. The mother's day thing really pisses me off because I sent her a dozen roses in vase to be delivered that morning. She even thanked me for them (after lieing about not getting them on mothers day because she left through the garage-but she had to sign for them as per my delivery instructions). [Okay, her lieing is a big issue for me, in all honesty it really gets under my frickin skin!] DH doesn't FB much and hasn't looked for it (I have casually mentioned that I think it's odd that she comments on his friends status' when they don't really know each other). The other night he saw where one of our close friends got a new job and MIL commented on his announcement. DH was livid. It just sent him off on how she has maybe met this friend once (if they have met-he can't remember), he has been seeing more of this lately and he wants to tell her to stop commenting on his friends FB I told him he shouldn't do that, it's not up to him what she comments on and if his friends don't like it they will unfriend her or change their settings so she can't comment. He has now gone back and is upset that she has been doing this months and that she has been telling people he is awful (he feels that he did everything she asked, but call off the wedding, so how can she keep telling people how horrible he is and act like a victim).

Sorry, I just needed to vent. I get that he is finally seeing the things she has been doing and the lies, and I should be relieved that he is seeing that. But I honestly am bothered by it. That's great honey, but how about you start apologizing for putting me through such hell. Sad thing is, he knows that by taking his moms side he betrayed me, and he feels pretty awful about it and wnts to make sure that it never happens again-but I'm hurt already and listening to him bitch about his mom doesn't help me any...wonder if it helps him. Sorry, just needed to get it out there.
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