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March 2011 Weddings


Okay, so I was talking to therapist today (started seeing him after I m/c'd, but not super regularly) and he said that I am too stressed, uptight and its no wonder I have insomnia. He also said the issues with my inlaws certainly aren't helping and I need to relax. My response, thanks for charging me 300$ to tell me what I already know. He followed with a strange tone (very cautious tone) and asked me if I smoke. I quit cigarettes in high school. Then he corrected himself and said pot.  I told him I had tried it in high school but it never did anything for me. He told me to research medical marijuana and make up my own mind about it, but he wants me to give it some serious thought. 
My baker (who did my wedding cake) makes medibles for a living and none medical decadent desserts. I swung by her house and asked her opinion and she gave me loads of research and books. She said she doesn't recommend it for everyone, but look into it. Thoughts?
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