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up at 3 AM

Good morning! Im up...uuugh Ive got bad cramps, pulled me outta sleep at 2:30, i, stupidly took some excedrin cause thats all we've got, and the caffeine has me wide awake :) so here i sit watching true crime shows on the ID channel :)

Hope everyone had a good monday!

Poor DH is out cold...he has his interview at 7:30 this morning...maybe I'll stay awake and make something for him for breakfast...coffee and toast at least :)
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Re: up at 3 AM

  • Well I never went back to sleep so he got eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast and coffee :)

    And now Im at work, hoping that I can somehow explain to my boss whenever he gets here that I have this Female issue that is going to possibly prevent me from be able to sit at my desk all day, and hopefully he'll let me leave when my reports are done...
    Some men I'djust come right out and say...he wont give a crap one way or the other, and probably thinks Im faking it...i look like total shi*t today too lol

    BUT Im all buzzed on caffeine so I shoul dbe good till about 9 AM when I suspect I"ll crash hard...so I've got two hours to be productive!
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  • did you ever go home? i hate cramps. i feel your pain. not right now. but in general ;)
  • Yeah I had a 1:00 Dr appt (*wink wink*) so I didnt go back after lunch....today Im home with a swollen throat! wtf!?
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