Men's Wearhouse Bridal Show Discount

Old Nestie with a question for you planning Knotties...

I am helping out a friend with her wedding planning and we are at the tux stage. When I planned my wedding (in 2005) I was able to get a discount ($99 per tux after discount) for MW by signing up to use them at a bridal show. Does anyone know if this is something they still do? What is the current deal that is offered at the shows? 

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Re: Men's Wearhouse Bridal Show Discount

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    I don't know much about MW, but we are using Folchi's and getting out tuxes pretty much at the same price WITHOUT a discount.

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    The current deal is that if you book with them and rent at least 5 tuxes, groom will get either a free suit to keep or a free tux rental. His choice.

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    i was able to get $30 off by signing up at a bridal show awhile ago - therefore making the tuxes $98 - plus the groom gets his for free if you have at least 5 other rentals - so yes they still have those offers - i know there was recently a wendys bridal show that they offered something similar and the women at MW asked me which one I wanted to use but they both ended up being about $98

    FYI: recent commercials for MW say some rediculous price like $49 or $69 (something like that) but that only includes the jacket and pants

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