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i just saw a dress i really liked but haven't got to shop around much, but it's an off the rack and could be gone tomorrow. it's a good deal, but i saw it online for even less on 2 sites. has anyone bought a dress online before? it makes me a little nervous to buy one on a website (although i have at least tried it on). has anyone bought from a website or know anyone who has? the sites i've seen it on are shop.storeofdress.com, topbridaldresses.com, and bestbridalprices.com.

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    have you used the online price to negotiate?
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    you should post this question on the international boards in the attire section, I bet you will get alot of responses.
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    All of those sites you listed are knock off sites. They will not order the dress from the manufacturer. They will make it for you. It's usually with cheaper material and lacks the proper structure underneath like boning. I highly suggest using a site like pearlsplace or netbride to find a cheap price. Both are extremely reputable and will actually order the dress from the designer.
    Stay away from any website that asks for your exact measurements because they are usually making the dress themselves. You can find out if they order from the designer or make it themselves if you look at their help or "about us" section. If it's in China, don't even bother.
    If you find it cheaper on a reputable site you can usually have the store price match it. Bridal and Formal did this for me.
    Chances are you won't find a better price for the dress than a sample.
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