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Dog-sitting Nightmare - Help Please...

So, DH and I decided that we would help out some friends that have dog-sat our little 11 pound Bichon for us a couple times (the max. days we were gone was 3). They had a dog-sitter but he cancelled on them Tuesday and they had a flight to catch Friday morning to Michigan (we are in AZ). So we agreed to help them out... for 12 days!

I asked a lot of questions first and knew this would be more work than we are used to considering they have two dogs, a yellow lab and a Jack Russel Terrior... plus I have horrible allergies to most/all dogs except hypo-allergenic dogs like Bichon's but they were in a bind and we thought we could handle it. However they live on the complete other side of the valley, it's at least an hour to and hour and a half drive each way. So like we do with our dog when they dog-sat, they brought them to our house.

Well they brought them over Thursday night and they do not sleep! They literally whine and bark and howl, and scratch at everything ALL.NIGHT.LONG! I am losing my mind. I think DH and I have slept, no lie, 5 hours the last two nights!

Not to mention that I have 16 people coming to my house Thursday for Thanksgiving, I'm OCD about keeping the house clean, my allergies are going berzerk, and now my house is a wreck from the two of them shedding everywhere, there's sticky dog drool on my wood floor, and the room they've got all of their stuff in smells horrible like dog.

Oh and did I mention that the yellow lab keeps jumping in our pool!

I'm sorry for my rant. I sent them a text at 2:30am our time this morning and asked for suggestions but have not heard back from them. Do you ladies have any ideas for getting two very anxious dogs to quiet down and go to sleep at night? I have tried treats, and TV, a nightlight, and other things too. Help me, please before I lose all sanity!

Re: Dog-sitting Nightmare - Help Please...

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