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Ripping my hair out... (probably a little long)

Seriously, this is just ridiculous! Yesterday DH got a 2 page handwritten letter from his aunt (paternal aunt) addressed to him at work!!! She has our address, he gave it to her right before we closed on the house in July. She spent 2 pages (in beautiful handwriting) lecturing him on not being a good enough nephew. What I mean by that is she gets down on him for not calling her back and making her feel unimportant. She gets mad at him that I didn't call her back a few weeks ago. She got made at him for my blog, she told him that she would stop calling and "If you ever want to have me in your life I will take your call" (<-Direct quote, I couldn't make this shift up if I wanted to). TWO PAGES, SENT TO HIS WORK! (she also, apparently-according to the letter, has been calling him at work and leaving messages for him. Which I'm sure get filed before he ever sees them as his poor work has been caught in the cross hairs of his families craziness).

Why am I upset? For starters, we never had any problems with his paternal relatives until one day this aunt calls DH to lecture him on how he should treat his parents (the man that assualted me and the woman that stalked me). DH told her that he was sorry that his parents involved her, but he won't be talking to her about it. He repeated himself a couple of times and then the conversation seemed to move on to getting together with aunt and grandma for lunch and so they can see the new house. DH told his aunt that would be great but only if she doesn't bring up what is going on with his parents during the visit. Her response, "I don't think I'm going to let anyone tell me what I can and can't talk about." (I really hate having such a good memory sometimes). DH told her, well then I don't think we should get together. She has called numerous times (always mentioning my ILs) and DH was returning her phone calls hoping that he could show her that she is important to him and he wants her in his life. Finally, after 2.5 weeks of phone tag with her (they never actually caught each other) he gave up, said you know what I'm sick of playing phone tag and I'm done. A week or so later she called me (while I was out running-I didn't answer bc I leave phone in the car) but didn't leave a message. I have a rule, if you don't leave a message it's not important-if I don't have time to return your call, I won't; If I do, I will, but it's not top priority. I was busy and never did return her call. A few days later she called again (I was out running w/DH) and left a message. I told DH she left a message and he took my phone and listened to it. Then he deleted it and said, "she'll get the hint sooner or later that she needs to stop trying to involve herself in things with my parents."

Aside from telling me to "practice what I preach" in that 2 page letter and getting down on DH, she directed about half of it at me and blaming me as a poor influence on DH. And she sent it to his work, where she has been calling him. At what point do I get to say, "Hun, maybe we should consider some legal intervention."?? Because seriously, FIL has assualted me, mother stalked me for almost a year, and now his aunt is following in those stalkeresque foot steps. I am freaking out, I'm pretty p'od about this nonsense of blaming me for everything-and maybe she should think that the reason we don't call her isn't because I don't practice what I preach, but because I DO!
Vent over-sorry.
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