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March 2011 Weddings

Touring Wedding Venues

My Fiance and I are planning to start looking at places in a few weeks. He lives in Michigan and I'm in NJ.

We're trying to visit our top 6 places in 2 days...I know it's a lot to do but we're up to the challenge. I've made an appointment to see one place at 10am, the second place we want to go that day is less than 30 minutes away, do you think we can make it there by 1?

I'm not quite sure how long it usually takes when looking at places. Anyone have an idea how long it usually takes? I can't imagine it being over a hour.

We're not planning on signing anything those two days, we're going to pick which one(s) we love/can afford then I'll be going back at a later time with my Dad to show him the places and then put the deposit down.

Any help is much appreciated!!

Re: Touring Wedding Venues

  • I am sure you can make it there by 1, have fun and good luck!! I dont think I stayed anywhere longer than an hour or hour and half tops!
  • Wow I didn't expect a response so fast! Thanks!

    I'm going to have to post on the boards more often for advice because I need a lot of it!
  • Ditto, and hour per place is plenty of time.  My FI and I did basically the same thing.  We were tired when we got home, but it was nice to sort of see all the first round of choices one after the other, to evaluate how they compared to each other.

    You'll also end up noticing things like which place have coordinators or staff that take care of you right away and really give you tons of information, or if you're just being given the whirlwind tour that everyone receives.  The venue we chose ended up being the one that also gave us the best one-on-one attention.  The lady I spoke with is the one I'll be dealing with for the whole process, she'll be coordinating it the day of.

    Also, if it is an outdoor venue, ask what their back up plan is for rain.  Ask for all additional fees & minimums, you'll be shocked how they add up.

    Have fun!!
  • haha yea im on here a lot. most the girls are on here daily also. so you will get feedback quickly, esp the closer it gets to wedding day! :)
  • That is definitely doable....my FI and I saw 3 venues in one day and we staggered them like you did. We ended up running early because we knew pretty soon that we definitely did not want to use the first venue so we ended up with a bit more downtime than we thought.
    Also, bring a camera with you and a notebook. If you are seeing that many venues in 2 days, this will help you tell them apart.
    Good luck!

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  • yep its doable
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  • I would definitely say its doable. I havent looked at places yet either. FI and I's schedule just never matches and he only has a weekend off every 6 weeks I say go for it!
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