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So My MIL spies on my Dad. (Long)

At a family function, MIL comes up to my H and says " When I was driving around town I saw Jessie's Dad loading a couch and chair into his truck, is he moving?" 

H: "No, not that I have heard"

MIL: " Well, I am always the last to know these things..."


Later H tells me this and I think that my Dad was putting my Aunt's stuff into his truck to take it to her new house (she was storing it at my Dad's because she moved a while back and the new place was too small, she now bought a bigger house) So I ask my Dad if he took my Aunt's stuff to her house.

Dad texts back: "Huh?"

Me: Kelly is upset because she thinks you are moving because she drove by your house and saw you loading a couch and chair into your truck.  She thinks we are keeping her out of the loop. Ha.

Dad: NO! DARN HER. It was suppose to be a surprise. I got new stuff because I am tired of watching you sneeze and itch every time you come over.


Dad: I didn't think I was even important to her, she did even say THANK YOU to me for baby sitting her exchange student.

Me: Well I cannot figure her out. Now that the cat's out of the bag, send a picture.  

(For those who don't know she called my dad's work in Aug. And had shown up to his work before to do her a favor. She wanted my dad to take a kid she was housing, the exchange student, to work with him because she didn't want to watch him. My dad did but of course never got a thank you.)

I told my dad: Another reason to move out of B: Town. So Kelly cannot spy on you.

Dad: Yep. I am thinking about it. 


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