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March 2011 Weddings

How did you and your FI meet?

I'm being nosy too.....please share how you met your FI.

We met on AOL when we were 16. One night I was searching for people to chat with that had similar interests and I started a conversation with him about some bands I saw in his profile that I also liked. Turned out he lived in nothern kentucky (I lived in Cincinnati, which is right across the river). We found out we were both going to the same concert and decided to meet up there. I became friends with him and his group of friends and hung out with them on a regular basis throughout high school. He ended up going to Univ of KY for college and I stayed in Cincinnati, but we kept in touch and would hang out when he was home in a group. I moved to Nashville after college and he moved back home and again, we kept in touch. I moved back to Cincinnati about 2 years ago and we started hanging out just the 2 of us and very soon after started dating and have been together ever since.

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Re: How did you and your FI meet?

  • We met in HS. I have the details in my blog. Link below.
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  • We met through mutual friends. My best friend's SIL was best friends with his sister and has known him since they were little. He came over to my friend's house to hang out because he hadnt seen the family in a while and we hit it off right away. Thats kind of the abridged version. There is so much more to that story. lol
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  • We met at one of the bowling alleys down here. We met the first time I was working there; his dad was the night manager, but we were both seeing other people at the time. Long story short, after quitting once before we had just started working there again. We had both basically just gotten out of rotten relationships and I was bold and put my number in his phone! He texted the second I left and we haven't stopped talking since.

  • My fiance and I both went to Penn State, both there for the same 4 years but never met each b/c it was such a big school. Then 3 years ago I went out with a friend to meet up someone she used to go out with, and Dennis was with his friend.  Neither of our friends was interested in re-kindeling there old romance, but we've been together since that night.  Our wedding date is the day after our 4 year anniversary of the night we first met.

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