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March 2011 Weddings


I'm thinking about doing my own invitiations, escort cards, etc...anyone know what type of printer I should have to make them look as nice as possible? Thanks :)

Re: Invitations

  • I think you can make them but then take them to a copy place to get printed, maybe office depot, staples or such... dont quote me but I think I heard you can do that. Worth checking it out. I have a pretty nice printer, fax, copy combo by HP so I will just be using that to print my invites.
  • I would assume laser printers work best. If you are using a coated or glossy paper I've heard that sometimes laser printers don't like them because the heat causes the coating to melt a little and can sometimes get stuck on the rollers. Inket printers work too but just make sure that you let the ink completely dry before handling the paper. I don't have a printer at home so I will either be printing at work or taking it to Kinko's to print there.

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