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Photographer Poll!

So I was talking with my friend who got married in January and she just got her pictures from the wedding. She sent me the link to her photog's site where they have a temporary photo gallery. I asked her if she was going to put them on FB, and she told me that she isn't allowed to! The only pics that she can put anywhere on the internet are the teaser pics that have the watermark. Otherwise all she can do is print the pictures and use them for personal use only. 

I was shocked to hear this! I have full rights to my photos - I can put them anywhere, use them for anything, whatever. 

So what I want to know is...
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Re: Photographer Poll!

  • I have full rights- I own all of the pictures she took that day and can do whatever I want with them. I even have the bad pics. This was a must for me, I didn't want to deal with someone's rules. My photographer gave me all the images on a disc and that was it, no retouching, books, or prints bought from her. I have the option to buy her filters to retouch my prints, and I might do that.

    I ordered all my books and prints online. It also made it easy for my mom and MIL to order whatever prints they wanted.

    I got my CD of pics two weeks after my wedding.
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  • That is really weird.  I don't know another photographer who would be mad about their work being put on the internet (unless it is without consent or the client having full ownership). 
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  • I got all my pics on a disc (fully edited and retouched) about two weeks after our wedding. And my photographer said "You can order stuff through me if you'd like, but as far as I'm concerned - you paid for them, they're your property."

    I love my photographer! :D

    I have heard of people not getting full rights and all that jazz, but that would be a deal-breaker for me. Like Liz, I want what's mine! haha
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  • edited March 2012
    I added this into my contract otherwise I wouldn't have had "full rights". I have 2 CD's of all my pictures and anote from my photographer stating that I can do what ever I want with them.
  • I agree Linds- in fact facebook is a great tool to use for business. My mom had several people ask who our photographer was after seeing some of mine and my sister's (we had same photog) pics on FB.

    I guess she doesn't want people to copy or see the photos from FB without the logo so that people know that it is her photography business. A girl I went to high school started her own photography business and she has that rule, that you can't post them to FB without the photographers logo.

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  • I would be fine with a photog giving me that rule.  Lots of pros put up a set of the weddings they do anyways and thats why they dont care. 

    I made sure having the rights to our images was what I got.  Bring a photographer/graphic designer I can do so much on my own.  I didn't get everything I wanted but I got almost everything I wanted. 
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  • We are still waiting on our photos. I know we are trying to avoid negativity, but I am so bummed out about this. I checked the contract, and there is not a date listed stating when we would have our albums and disc of photos by. Thank goodness I got a wedding video, because I remember nothing from that day!
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  • Margot are you serious!? That is uncalled for. It's been a freakin year!! Do you have any lawyer friends? Have one of them write a very firmly worded letter regarding the time span. While there may be no official date given in your contract, this is still ridiculous. You've already paid, right? Demand a full refund or your pictures asap!

    Gahhhhh I'm so angry for you!!
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  • Margot, thats insane.  I didn't have a date either but at least I had mine back within a decent amount of time.  I agree with Mel, I would be asking someone if they can help you out.  If this is a "pro" I would report them to the BBB and write them one nasty review.  Having to wait a year for photos is ridiculous.

    I don't care who the photographer is, it shouldn't take more than a month to get your disc.  Maybe 2-3 for an album. 
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  • I made sure we would have full rights to the pics when I was looking for photographers.  I had seen some horror stories on TK, and wanted to make sure I didn't have to go through the same thing.

    Margot, that's absolutely insane!  I think Mel had a pretty good idea about having an attorney (or at least nabbing some letterhead) write a strongly worded letter.  Send it certified, too!  I hope you are able to at least get them before your flippin' anniversary!!



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  • margot i can't believe you still don't have your photos, that is insane. we got full rights. i still have to edit my album but i now have a proof -- it took just over a month from the day i picked our photos for the album to the day i got the proof.
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  • Approximately 3 weeks after our wedding, our photos were available via an online gallery. Because of the program used I was not able to "save" or print any pics. We later received the cd's with our pics, and was able to do whatever I wanted with them.

    Wow, 2 months is a long time to have your pics in an online gallery.
    Margot- Yikes, where are your pics?
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