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April 2011 Weddings

Introduce yourself!

I've noticed that there have been a lot of new April 2011 brides out there so I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves.

Wedding Date:
Wedding Colors:
Anything booked:
Any DIY projects:
Interesting fact about yourself:

Re: Introduce yourself!

  • Names: Lauren & Chris
    Wedding Date: April 23, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Blue & Green
    Anything booked: Venue, Photographer, Planner, Videographer, DJ/Lighting, Florist
    Any DIY projects: All paper products (invites, STDs, programs, escort cards, table names, menus, etc.)
    Interesting fact about yourself: I was once called to "come on down" on the price is right...back in the days of Bob Baker
  • Names: Trina and Shawn
    Wedding Date: April 16, 2011
    Wedding Colors: pink, blue, and silver
    Anything booked: nothing yet
    Any DIY projects: not sure, not very crafty
    Interesting fact about yourself: Born in Germany, can't speak and love to travel
  • lalatrina - We love to travel too! We're working some travel elements into our wedding.
  • Names: Raelene and Brendon
    Wedding Date: April 30, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Royal blue, silver and white
    Anything booked: Just the venue so far but I have 3 of every vendor picked out, I just need to meet them and make a final choice.
    Any DIY projects: Everything! Dress, invites, favors, centre pieces. I might even do the cake and flowers. Haven't decided on that yet.
    Interesting fact about yourself: I live in Vancouver. Yay Olympics!!!!
  • Names: Jon and Stacy
    Wedding Date: 4/30/2011
    Wedding Colors: Blue and Yellow
    Anything booked: Nope :(
    Any DIY projects: everything (hopefully)
    Interesting fact about yourself: we just changed our date from this year to April of next :( somewhat disappointed, but glad to meet all of you :)
  • Names: Kristen and (Anthony) Morgan
    Wedding Date: April 30th
    Wedding Colors: Pink and Yellow
    Anything booked: florist and photographer, just changed our minds about the venue, so thats what we're working on now.
    Any DIY projects: Center pieces and possibly invites
    Interesting fact about yourself: I am the mother of a 3 year old, go to school full time, work, and trying to plan our wedding... busy girl!!

    Nice to meet you all!!
    MAY 2011 SIGGY CHALLENGE : YOU & MOH (I was also her MOH)
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  • Name: Nicole and Keith
    Wedding Date: April 16, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Purple and Gold
    Anything booked:Reception siteLaughing I'm glad this is done.
    Any DIY Projects: Invites, Flowers, Center pieces, Wedding favors.
    Interesting fact about yourself: I am a mother of 4 and he also has 4 children and we are including our children in the wedding. My 19 yearold son will be giving me away.

  • Names: Joy & John
    Wedding Date: April 16, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Tiffany Blue, White and Silver
    Anything booked: Just the venue (went with a package since we're out of state)
    Any DIY projects: Yes but haven't decided on what yet.
    Interesting fact about yourself: I am one of 6 kids. My older brother's been married 8-years and has 2 kids while my younger sister's been married 9-years and has 3 kids. So I guess I have some catching up to do :-)
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  • Names: Katie & Joe
    Wedding Date: April 09, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Yellow, Blue & White
    Anything booked: Church and Reception Site
    Any DIY projects: Yes but haven't decided on what yet.
    Interesting fact about yourself: Joe and I knew each other in high school, but didn't start dating until after college.
  • Names: Xiomara & Darnell
    Wedding Date: 4/29/11

    Wedding Colors: Reddish, Pink and Ivory
    Anything booked: Venue may be booked by this weekend tomorrow!
    Any DIY projects: Nothing yet Sealed
    Interesting fact about yourself: I’ve been with my Fiancé for ten years, and we’ve (he) has changed the wedding date twice already Embarassed wish me good luck Ladies. Lauren loved your Bio, I was wondering if u can forward me Tissue Paper Pomanders instruction.Laughing
  • Names: Josh and Kellie
    Wedding Date: April 10th, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Pink & Green or Black, White, and Pink
    Anything booked: No, but looking at some venues this weekend.
    Any DIY projects: STDs, Invites, stage design at church, and probably center pieces at reception.
    Interesting fact about yourself:  I would love to run my own coffee shop someday!
  • Names:Gillian (Gilly) and Jacob (Jake)
    Wedding Date:4/30/11 (maybe)
    Wedding Colors:Not sure yet
    Anything booked:nope
    Any DIY projects:hoping to do flowers, invites, as much as possible!
    Interesting fact about yourself:Just got engaged last week and have not started yet...no clue!

    Lauren and Chris...have you found issues with having your wedding date on Easter weekend? I originally wanted the 23rd also but we changed our minds when we realized that.

    Can't wait to start planning with you all!!!
  • [QUOTE]Raelene - Are you really making your dress? That is really cool, you will have to share pictures!
    Posted by llc2011[/QUOTE]

    Yes I am! I am a seamstress so it's something I can easily handle. Although I am going for a simple design. I will post pics once I get started this summer.
  • NAMES: Sheree & Greg
    Wedding Date : 1st April 2011
    Weding colours Emerald & Silver with Dimonds 
    Anything Booked :  Ceremoney & reception , cars and my dress Photographer picked just have to book .
    Any DIY : Invitations 
  • Names: Laura & Hank
    Wedding Date: April 20, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Navy/Marine, Butter & Cream
    Anything booked: appts made for bookings in April in OBX
    Any DIY projects: Place markers made using scrabble tiles and holders
    Interesting fact about yourself:
      We're getting married in the Outer Banks. I am Canadian and he is American.  I will be moving to the US.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2011-weddings_introduce-yourself?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:644Discussion:0ae138d5-617c-4ee6-86ab-2831af089eb9Post:557c79ba-a329-4c08-a710-8342d8853814">Re: Introduce yourself!</a>:
    [QUOTE] Lauren and Chris...have you found issues with having your wedding date on Easter weekend? I originally wanted the 23rd also but we changed our minds when we realized that. Can't wait to start planning with you all!!!
    Posted by gillyd17[/QUOTE]

    Sorry to reply back so late! We've actually haven't had any problems, in fact I don't think any vendors have even mentioned it. 

    The only person that commented was when we were checking out the rehearsal dinner place, and asking if they could cater for the morning after brunch (before we just booked with the hotel block).  She said that they could cater, but since it's Easter Sunday it would be really hard if we wanted to book a room and have the brunch there, since they will be packed.
  • Names: Linda & Paul
    Wedding Date: April 30th, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Not sure yet... either Pink & Yellow or Blue & White.  I'd LOVE to do Pink & Blue but so afraid it's going to look like a baby shower and not a wedding! lol
    Anything booked: Our Wedding planner, our photographer (our engagement photos) and The Resort!  (it's a destination wedding!!)
    Any DIY projects: The Welcome baskets we are going to assemble ourselves
    Interesting fact about yourself: I'm from NY, moved to CT for the job of my dreams and found the man of my dreams! Wink Now we are getting married in Maroma Beach Mexico! (within the Rivera Maya region)

    Nice to met you all, this is my first post so I hope I am doing this right.  Nice to see all of the April 2011 brides :)  and alot of April 30th's too!!!

  • Names: Kerri & Joe
    Wedding Date: April 9, 2011
    Wedding Colour: Aqua Blue & White
    Anything Booked: Ceremony/reception, Dj, photographer, wedding dress bought
    Any DIY- STD, wedding flowers, slide show, centrepieces, and favours
    Interesting Fact about yourself:....I would love to open a home for women with disabilties.
  • Names: Karly and Justin
    Wedding Date: April 02, 2011
    Wedding Colors: Navy Blue and Buttercup Yellow
    Anything booked: Wedding/reception venue, caterer, florist, and photographer
    Any DIY projects: unity candle, centerpieces, invites, favors, and more I'm sure
    Interesting fact about yourself: We are both into aviation, I'm a pilot and he works for an airport!

    I'm surprised there aren't any April 2nd brides on here yet. 
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