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Good Morning!

Morning, girls, and happy hump day! What's on your minds today?  I had dinner with a gf last night, and wish we could have talked longer.  It's so awesome how a little conversation with a good friend can energize you.  



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Re: Good Morning!

  • good morning! i'm about to leave for my newest WW meeting. it took a while to get off the ground but now it finally is. i'm hoping everything goes smoothly. it's a new place, and i'm working with a new person, but i'm hoping for a good outcome.
    i'm looking forward to the weekend with my mom coming up and hoping the work week goes as quickly as possible. things are a little hectic and i'm looking forward to catching a break.
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  • Morning! We found out last night that the bank is hesitant to consolidate our credit card to a low interest rate because of DH's student loans. DH is super bummed about it but I figure we never had the loan in the first place so it's no loss. It is a bummer that we are showing that we are trying to better ourselves and get our debt down so we can put more towards DH's student loans. But the bank doesn't see it that way and they see us as a risk because of his loans...
    Oh well, we can always try again in a few months because Philip just found out that he is getting promoted and is getting a nice pay increase! YAY! So maybe the loan will work out for us in a few months when his pay increase goes into effect! :)

    It's slow at work, the boss is not in and the weather is going to hit 80F today! All in all a good Wednesday so far! :)

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  • Mornin'!

    Laura, sounds like fun, I love catch up time with my girls.

    Lisa- GL at your meeting today, I'm sure you'll do great :)

    We started the morning with more car trouble. Although H "fixed" the car last week and didn't need to take it to the shop because nope, it wouldn't inevitably fail at the most inconvenient time. Anyway, I'm not upset about that at all ;)

    I finished my first two crochet projects, and I'm mighty proud so I'm just gonna go ahead and AW those and hope yall don't mind.

    Blanket: the yellow looks less neon and more mustardy in person. Baby Claire's nursery is going to be yellow and gray. Claire's mom is my BFF.

    And the giraffe hat, I was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out!

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  • Hey chicas!

    Like Lisa, I am looking forward to the weekend since my parents are visiting.

    J and are were both giant turds last night - seems like we are both fighting a bug (but might be winning).  Just feeling a little cruddy - tired, achy, and cold but ok enough to go to work.  Nyqil and a decent night's sleep didn't hurt me.

    Hope I am doing better by the time I get home - still need to work on cleaning (yuk). 

    Quiet at work today.  Should be able to get some air permit and waste disposal stuff reviewed today.  My manager is out til Friday and the other person in my Dept. had her car get hit overnight (she parks on the street) and is dealing with cops and trying to figure out if it is drivable (smashed the passenger front quarter panel).
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  • Ashley, that's wonderful news about Phillip's promotion and pay increase! Congrats to him. And as for the debt situation, it will work itself out in time so long as you guys continue to make good decisions. Sounds like you're on the right track and with a positive attitude!
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    Happy Hump Day!!

    Laura- It's always wonderful to catch up with GFs.
    Lisa- Good luck at your meeting today!
    Ashley- Yay for H's promotion!! I hope the bank will work with you soon.
    Court- I love the giraffe hat! It's the cutest thing ever!!!

    I just got to work. I'm hoping today isn't as slow as yesterday. Bossman was out yesterday so I really didn't have anything to do. I don't think he'll be in much today either. I was just thinking this morning that next Sunday will start our first anniversaries. It is just so hard to believe that it will be a year already!
  • Morning!

    Lisa - Good luck!

    Laura - Sounds like you had fun.  

    Ash - Congrats to Phillip!  You will get the debt stuff sorted out.  I promise.  Is there any way you can take his student loan out of the equation and pay it separately?  We did that with mine, the bank didn't want to help me cause of mine and we took it out (I pay it separately) and now I have everything in 1 bill.  Doesn't hurt to ask.

    K - Glad you are excited about your parents coming.  Can't wait to see pictures of Willie.

    Court - Sucky about the car.  Those baby items are super cute though!!


    I am at home today ladies.  Fighting off a migraine.  So this will most likely be my one and only post.  I just wanted to come in and check in on y'all.  <-- see you southerners rubbed off on me!!

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  • In Response to Re:Good Morning!:[QUOTE]Ashley, that's wonderful news about Phillip's promotion and pay increase! Congrats to him. And as for the debt situation, it will work itself out in time so long as you guys continue to make good decisions. Sounds like you're on the right track and with a positive attitude! Posted by corkietn[/QUOTE]

    Court, those baby gifts are adorable!! Nice job :



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    Morning! The warm weather has got me thinking about my garden, so in between cleaning up and eating breakfast I've been trying to figure out what I'm going to plant this year... So far all I've come up with is a big planter of lavendar to make the deck smell nice and moving all my tomato plants to the end of the garden instead of lining them up in the back, and adding some astilbe to the giant shade garden. Unfortunately I did not inherit my parents' green thumbs.
  • Lisa- Good luck at your meeting and Yay for your mom comming in this weekend!
    Court- Thanks Chick! That giraffe hat is too cute!
    Kristen- Hope you are feeling better soon and can't wait to see Willie pics!
    Laura- It is always so nice seeing friends that you can't see all the time!
    Serena- I know I can't believe our Anniversaries are right around the corner! This year flew by!
    Linds- Hope you feel better chick! I wish we could take the student loans out of the equation but the bank won't let us. The loan is based on our Debt to Income ratio and because of the student loans our debt ratio is pretty high.
    Christine- wow your gardening plans sound awesome. Once you are done with your yard you can come over to mine and help me. :)

    Question for all you "Green Thumbs", I have been wondering if I should start planting flowers now or wait until Mid April- May to start planting? This weather has me wanting to plant but I am afraid that the weather could turn at any moment and a frost could wipe out all of the early work I put in.
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  • Good morning everyone! I can't remember what everyone said and since I'm posting from my phone I can't check...but I'll try to respond the best I can : Laura girlfriend time is the best Court sucky about the car; baby stuff adorable Lisa good luck with your meeting! Ash bummer about the bank, but yay for promotion and raise! Linds headmaster suck. Feel better soon! I probably missed someone and if so, I'm sorry. I'm at work. Preparing for big groups coming in this weekend. But thankfully I'm not working Saturday so I don't have to deal with it!
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  • Ash, check this out:

    I always wait until after the last frost date to plant my stuff outside. I am going to start my vegetables indoors this weekend but flowers I just wait to get them until I can put them straight in the ground.
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    Good morning everyone!

    Laura, very cool about your GF date.  I would like one with all of you ASAP please. 
    Lisa, good luck with the new meeting.  And I'm keeping an eye out for AT coupons for you. 
    Ash, that is so awesome about Philip's promotion!  Way to go Mr. Ash!

    Court, LOVE the baby crochet projects! 

    K, hope both you & J kick the crud's arse so you can fully enjoy the visit with your folks this weekend.

    Snickers, I feel your pain on having nothing to do (I'll type more below).  Here's hoping for some busy work so the rest of the week goes by quickly.  

    Linds, boo for migraines.  Get some rest and take it easy. 

    Christine, your garden sounds awesome.  I can't even keep a house plant alive so I'm very jealous. 

    Mel, hope the big groups coming in are at least interesting...  Adult entertainment convention maybe?  :)

    As for me, I'm in a great mood today.  D is feeling better (yay!) and we both got a great nights sleep.  Like I posted on FB there's a change coming in my job situation that I'm so excited about.  Because of our corporate structure, this would technically be a demotion for me but they aren't changing my title or pay-grade and I'll get to finally feel usefull again!  Don't get me wrong, I really like the group I'm currently with, but it is one of the smallest programs we have and their previous admin "trained" them to ask for nothing and even though I've begged for work, they still give me very little.  Moving back to an engineering group (I was with one for 7 years before my last promotion) is a really good thing for me.  I've worked with a lot of these engineers (including the manager and director) in one capacity or another in the 15 years I've been here so I have a very good idea of what I'm getting into.  This will seriously cut down on my TK time but you all know I'm not going anywhere. 

  • Thanks again Christine! I will have to look at the Farmers Almanac more often! Looks like late April early May is my best bet for getting the gardening going!

    Colleen- I'm so happy for you on getting this new job position! It sucks you won't be on here as much as normal but I know you will sneak on when you can. :)

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  • Thanks everyone!

    Colleen, I'm excited for you. I really hate down time at work, it makes the day dragggg. And to know you're going to like your new group is very exciting :)

    Christine, I've had gardening on the mind lately, too. The nice weather makes me kind of embarrassed of the lack of color in our yard. I'm thinking of planting some flowers and possibly an herb garden this year. Super pumped, although I have the least green thumb ever! haha
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  • edited March 2012
    Good Morning & Happy Hump Day!

    I am thankful for the beautiful weather today, and looking forward to my last day of work for the week. I'm excited & nervous for my laser eye surgery tomorrow afternoon. Woo hoo for no more glasses starting tomorrow :)

    Laura- Yippee for some girly time.
    Lisa- GL with the new meeting, I'm sure you'll do great!
    Ashley- Boo for not being able to consolidate, but congrats on P's promotion!
    Court- Great job with the blanket & giraffe hat. BTW, I love yellow & gray together!
    Kristen- I hope you & J get better soon.
    Serena- Hopefully your day doesn't go by too slow b/c not having enough work can be pretty boring.
    Lindsay- I hope your migraine goes away quickly.
    Christine- I love gardens!
    Melissa- Have a good day at work & yay for being off on Saturday!
    Colleen- Sounds like there will be good changes at work, and please be sure to check in with us every now and then.

  • Chrissy, we will definitely be thinking of you and sending T&P's and all kinds of positive Knottie vibes your way!  



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  • Ooh Chrissy!  Good luck tomorrow!
  • Chrissy good luck tomorrow with your lazer surgery!

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  • Hi ladies! My kitty is napping on my feet right now which makes me happy because my toes were cold. Speaking of gardens, I was in walmarts garden center yesterday and I love their tiny little baby cactus plants, but I'm afraid to get a few because some very curious kitties would probably try to snack on them, and that wouldn't do very well! And also speaking of gardens, I'm planning to make a pasta salad soon so I bought a lot of fresh veggies this morning: red and yellow bell peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and olives YUM!
  • Ape!  I bet the kitties would learn pretty quickly not to mess with the cactus :)

    Let us know how the pasta salad turns out.  My MIL has a recipe similar to yours and it is delicious!



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  • edited March 2012
    Ape- that is too cute, your kitties knew your feet were cold :) BTW, your salad sounds mighty yummy.

    A gf and I are going to CPK for lunch, and I am having me some pasta! What are y'all doing for lunch?
  • I had a turkey sammich and some carrots w/ hummus. About to snack on one of those little Cutie oranges now :)
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  • I LOVE CPK!  I brought my lunch today.  It was just some ham and provolone on a sandwich thin.  Carrots and hummus on the side. Nothing fabulous. 



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  • How funny, Laura & Court both had hummus and carrots for lunch :)

    I'm pretty good about bringing my lunch, but every once in a while it's nice to get out and have something other than a boring old lean cuisine:)
  • Hummus must be the special of the day!

    I had a pita with jalapeno cilantro hummus and some cantaloupe. Trying to do the vegetarian thing for lunches.
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  • Left over steak broccoli and quenoa (sp?) salad!
  • Serena- how does quinoa taste? I've been wanting to try it.
  • It's not bad, kind of like rice.
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