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April 2011 Weddings

I survived!!

My first few days back that is...
I'm off today as I work this weekend. It was nice being around adults all day but I missed my little peanut. Work was ok, not too busy. I just forgot how much it sucks to work after holiday weekends. For whatever reason people tend to overdose on drugs and alcohol on holidays. Monday, I got into a fight with a girl that I was discharging. She is 31 and a raging alcoholic who came in with a seizure because she quit drinking abruptly. She got made because I wouldn't write her a prescription for Ativan. Aside from that it wasn't too bad. Usually the ICU is evil to you if you take time off.

Betsy was with Dave on Monday, she was fine. She was with my mom yesterday, she wouldn't nap and was a little fussy. I have a feeling that it will take her some time to get used to me working.

It's a yucky day so I'm having extra snuggle time with my little love before we head out shopping.

Re: I survived!!

  • Sorry you had to go back to work, but i'm glad you are home for a couple days with our little peanut. I love her, and I've never even met her. =)

    I was wondering if you had changed anything with the sleeping, also. I hope you are doing whatever Betsy needs and you are sleeping just fine. =)
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