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April 2011 Weddings


It seems a lot of us have moved on or just started watching more of HGTV.
I know I watched House Hunters and My First Place religously when we were looking to buy our house a few years ago. I am still a HGTV junky.

To go on Cathy's post about the Food Network... What are your favorite HGTV shows and what shows could you do without?

My Favorite shows are House Hunters, My First Sale, Curb Appeal, Sarah's House, Design Inc., Holmes on Homes and Desparate Landscapes.

My Least Favorite is probably any show that has "Crashers" in it like House Crashers and Yard Crashers, Color Splash- too much color for my taste and Property Virgins- Sandra always makes people buy a house that is at or above what they are pre-approved for $$ wise.

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