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Hello chicas!

I get to teach part of a class today - basic environmental issues for new hires.  It is kind of fun, actually and is only about an hour (plus I get a free lunch).

I have a meeting with HR today to start my paperwork for my family leave.  Still can't believe I am in the third trimester now.  And I have a routine doc appointment this afternoon - I think I go to a once every 2 week schedule now.  I think we will be getting one more ultrasound around 32 weeks to check on growth - looks like Thor is going to be a big boy (not surprising since both J and I are tall and I was nearly 2 feet and 9lbs 13 oz at birth - and wasn't a c-section!).
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Re: Thursday

  • morning K! That sounds like a good work day. It is hard to believe you are so far along, it feels like just yesterday you told us! And wow you guys were big babies! My brother and I were both 8 lbs 8 oz. and we were considered large.
    not much going on here. i finished my blanket that my aunt ordered, it looks great! we are making final holiday plans, when we'll be where, who we will be seeing, etc. which is kind of exciting.
    tomorrow i (finally) get my hair cut. it has been 5 weeks and 5 weeks with a short haircut is way too long!
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    I desperately need a haircut - it has been over 1.5 years.  Benefit of having long hair (and I dont' blow dry or curl it) - I can kinda get away with it.  Plus - I really want the grey to go away in my temples......

    We are still figuring out holiday plans - but we now know we will be going to my brother's new house instead of my folk's - still finalizing details.  Fine by me - that is over an hour closer to us!
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  • K- I can't believe you are in your third trimester either! Baby will be here before you know it!

    Lisa- glad you are finally getting excited for the holiday's! yay for getting the blanket done!

    I am smarting a little from booking a trip to New Orleans in April. I finally found an awesome price on flights and I got so excited I booked right away. But then my friend told me that week is the week of a French Quarter festival and to book the Hotel right away because they will sell out. Almost all the hotels in the FQ were $200 and up per night and we are staying 4 nights. I found a hotel that is in a great area and had good reviews for less than $200 but it still hurts because our plane tickets were still cheaper than our hotel. I'm usually so cost conscious over the hotel since we only sleep there but we needed to stay within walking distance of everything so I had to bite the bullet.
    So everything is booked and I'm super excited to go! I've never been and it is on my bucket list to visit. :) Yay, Merry Christmas, Happy 30th and 2 year Anniversary trip all in one!

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  • K, that's the one thing I don't like about short hair, you have to maintain it or it looks terrible! I can no longer imagine going 1.5 years! I also love to get my hair cut so I don't have a problem going pretty often. I usually go every 3-4 weeks.
    Ashley, that trip sounds great! Bummer about the hotel prices, though. That happens. Sometimes you spend more than you want but it'll be worth it. I've been telling myself that a lot lately -- the bowl game we are going to, the flight is ridiculous. They put me on the charter flight with Liam but I have to pay for my seat. It's crazy! I hope to never again spend this much on a flight. I hope the convenience factor makes up for the price!
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  • Good Morning!

    I have two boring meetings today, and some projects that need to get done before the end of the day tomorrow. It rained last night, and it's supposed to rain again this weekend. I was laughing as I watched the news this morning because the meteorologist said we were on storm watch. I was thinking people from other parts of the country must laugh at us Californians. Wink

    K- Woohoo for a free lunch, and getting to do something different and enjoyable at work! Congrats on starting the third trimester!
    Lisa- Yay for getting your holiday plans finalized, and getting the blanket done. Wow, I didn't realize you trimmed your hair so often. I guess short hair does require more maintenance.
    Ashley- Congrats on booking your trip to NOLA, I'm sure it will be awesome. NOLA is on my bucket list too!

  • K wow 3rd tri already! Lisa yeah for getting things done Ash the trip sounds amazing I'm sure it will be worth it C hope the weather smartens up! I have a busy couple days of work before being off for three weeks. 4 appts today and 5 tomorrow usually I do 23 plus getting all my paperwork done as I know that I won't remember anything 3 weeks from now.
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