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April 2011 Weddings

First Target, now today -

They can both bite me. 

Went to leave for work this morning, my truck was totally dead - couldn't even lock it unless I went around and manually locked every door.  Dan was already at work and in a meeting when I called him so he couldn't pick up.  Woke the neighbor up, he brought his car over - batteries were too far apart for the cables.  Dan drove the 45 minutes back, gave me his car and stayed to deal with mine.  Get to work, wearing shorts (bermuda, and only because we were told it was ok because the AC is out) and this place is a freakin meat locker!  Noon rolls around and I haven't eaten yet so I duck out to the closest grocery store to grab something from the deli only to discover it's Senior Day and I got to stand behind some sweet old man while he debated for 10 minutes whether to get macaroni or potato salad.  Can you guess who will answer "wine" on today's WFD thread?  :)

Vent over.  Thanks chicas!
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