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April 2011 Weddings

Tissue paper pomanders =[

Hello Ladies, Hope everyone is well.My FI and I decide on the color scheme of Baby Blue, Light Yellow,  and Light Green with a touch of Beige. So I started to work on my tissue paper pomanders, after a trip to AC Moore I began my adventure,  with a green pomander (different shades of green paper) but I ran out of paper, but I didn’t give up there. I continue on working on the Beige pomander. This is the finale product. Not really happy the way it turned out.  Please tell me what you think and how I could improve.      PS. I notice the tissue paper keeps ripping  Cry hApPY pLAnNIng




Re: Tissue paper pomanders =[

  • Hey! Sorry you are having a difficult time with the tissue pompanders. Are you making individual flowers and then sticking them into a styroform ball or are you just making one big poof?

    If it's the little flowers into the ball, I followed another Knottie's insrtuctions here: http://diytissuepomanders.weebly.com/

    Not sure if that's what you're going for but if so, here's a picture of how mine turned out.

  • I am sorry your having issues as well. I know it can be stressfull. I am making my out of real flowers! I like the tissue idea for them but I think it is to stressfull and I would just give up and get mad.. So i decided not to even try!

    Just keep trying you will get it!
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  • The beige one looks pretty good to me. I've never made them, but it looks like maybe the pieces of tissue you were using on the green one were too big. Again, I'm definitely not an expert, but it doesn't look quite dense enough, if that makes sense. Good luck! I'd love to see more pictures.
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