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April 2011 Weddings

Day-after the wedding plans

What's everyone doing the day after the wedding?

My plans include:
- sleeping in
- taking ibuprofen for the inevitable champagne headache
- being lazy all day with my husband
- packing for the honeymoon

But somehow, despite requesting vacation time and getting it approved I am scheduled to work the two days after the wedding. Ummm... yeah, cause I would TOTALLY come in to work at 7am the day after I get married. And the following day, we have another wedding to attend. VERY FUNNY, WORK.

Re: Day-after the wedding plans

  • No real plans.  We've rented a beach house for a week in the Outer Banks and the wedding is mid-way through the week.  I would like some Rock The Dress pics (dare NOT call it Trash the Dress because my mom doesn't 'get' it) on the beach etc.  We'll try to sleep in, but otherwise we have nothing planned.  I know I want to go kayaking with my brother at some point after the wedding b/c we'll be too busy before.  We should have a nice 3 days of free time at the beach...
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