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April 2011 Weddings

Making me nervous!

OK, you guys are making me nervous!!! I just got engaged last week and am looking around on the boards here and am seeing how much people have booked and done already for their 4/11 weddings! I haven't done anything! We have asked our BP but that's about it. I haven't even made a final decision on a color.

One thing that is holding us up from starting to make plans is my fiancee lives 2.5 hours away and the only thing stopping him from moving down here is a job. He has a couple of potential interviews this week and next but until we know what his new salary is, we don't know what to budget. I don't even know where to start! AGH!

Re: Making me nervous!

  • Don't worry :-) I promise you that we all are kind of a head of the  game as you'll notice there really aren't too many of us and typically the hard planning doesn't start till 12 to 9 months before the wedding. I think the April 2011 brides thus far are a little OCD lol :-)

    The thing you can start doing is thinking of colors, looking at decorations and things you'd like, gathering ideas for anything you'd like to do for the wedding. The nice thing about planning is even if you see extravagant stuff you love you can kind of work it to be similar for your budget(when you have one) and even start DIY-ing things because I'm sure you know you'll have atleast 10 people right?

    Welcome to the board though! We really look forward to having you with us while you plan your wedding! Congrats on your engagement!
  • Don't feel bad! I have been engaged since summer 2009! First thing you need to work on is a budget. Once you do that, everything else falls in place. Most of us are also just DIY'ing parts of the decorations for the ceremony and reception to save on money. Just ask away!! These ladies will have you busy and saving $$.
  • I would LOVE to DIY a lot of things. Plan on doing my invites and trying to do my flowers. Got a really awesome book from half price books the other day on easy ways to do flowers yourself.

    Budget is definitely my big thing. As soon as my fiancee has a job and is moved down here, we will be a little more solid on what we can and cannot do!
  • Yeah, we are doing relatively "cheap" compared to what they say the average wedding costs our budget is  $10,000 (though we are significantly below that... right now with the reception and ceremony fees we're at about 5k, my dress is gonna be 300 and with the invites I made we spent about 50 dollars on that... so yeah WAY below budget lol)

    DIY as much as you can it really saves money. Like my invites cost 50 dollars total but to buy them were nearly 200 dollars!
  • First off CONGRATS!..Don't feel bad! You will get there! You just got enggaged!.. I am a Stay at home mom so i have plenty of time to find time to do my stuff! You will find the time and get things figured out soon! You still have a year to get it all done you can do it.

    Once you start getting in the grove of doing wedding things you will have alot done too!
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  • Congrats and welcome to the board!! DO NOT feel like you are behind, I would think that most of the girls on here who have alot done, including myself, have be engaged longer then a week.  I've been engaged since 3/29/09, but we pushed the wedding back a year in order to save up and pay for it all and not be in debt once it's over.

    Once you get that budget, I would start looking at the bigger things to check off, like the venue.  When I first got engaged, I did try some places that were already booked a year out. For all of the vendors that I have booked, they have all been very open when I mentioned April 2011.
  • I work part time and live in a teeny town in Northern Wisconsin, so I dont have a whole lot else to do but this!!! And I have been engaged for almost a year already too! I haven't done a whole lot, I just have TONS if ideas!
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  • Agreeing with previous posters, don't feel weird because you're just starting.  I have been planning since April 09, and really want to get everything done because the last few months beforehand I will be: leaving my job/career after 10 years, leaving my friends and family, and immigrating to another country.  I figure with all that ahead of me, this is the fun part.

    As the year-to-go approaches, we're only now kicking things into gear. Prior to that it was mostly just nebulous ideas of what we might want to do, now we're starting to make committments etc.

    Start with a budget and work from there, and most of all have fun doing it!!  We're here for each other so don't feel too overwhelmed.

    All the best and congrats!!
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