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Friday- Lotto Draw Tonight!


Re: Friday- Lotto Draw Tonight!

  • And for that we are thankful.
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  • See what I did there?  And it's not even Thursday.  :)

    And in Lotto news - winning tickets were purchased (by me) at approximately 11:35am PDT.  My lawyers will be contacting you all soon with instructions for the big giant GTG. 
  • Brad went to buy tix on his way home and said that it was taking forever because the machine was so slow due to the volume of sales. Nuts!
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  • How much is the lotto worth? Is it every state? So many questions.
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  • How funny... while I was at lunch with my gf she said that she actually bought $2 worth & if she wins I get a $1 million :)
  • As of right now Linds, it's up to $640 million.  It's in most states (looks like 7 states only are out). 
  • I have never bought a lotto ticket in my life.  I got to work this morning, and had a copy of a ticket on my desk with a note that said "I tried to buy five tickets for you, and two for me, but they all ended up on one ticket.  So if any of these win, you will get 5/7 and I'll get 2/7."  I love fractions.  All because I let a co-worker's spouse borrow The Hunger Games. Muahahaha.

    I'm pretty sure DH is going to buy tix when he goes to lunch this afternoon...if they aren't sold out. :)

    Dude, Colleen, like, wow to your story.  Did we miss that or was it a story you'd rather not share?  Glad it's all in the past, and things worked out the way they were supposed to! 



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  • Sounds like a fun coworker Thump. 

    Re: the ex-fiance, I think some have heard the story.  We were together almost 5 years, about 6 months from the wedding and he started hanging out a lot with this coworker of ours that was on his co-ed volleyball team.  At first I didn't think anything of it (though she had hit on him in the past) but then I came back from visiting a friend in GA to find out he had spent the entire weekend with her.  He swore nothing happened, which at the time I believed but I still told him I thought it was inappropriate.  Within 5 days of that, he broke things off.  He was a real peach, in the end.
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