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April 2011 Weddings

good morning!

hi ladies! how's it going? things are pretty good here. got a full day ahead of me -- two WW meetings plus some marketing work. busy busy! T - 1 week until my interview, i am really looking forward to it. i'm hoping it turns into a good opportunity for me. DH had a big work meeting yesterday where they just updated university employees about what's going on there, and they basically said there is going to be a big focus on the department i am interviewing with. they're planning to add a bunch of employees to meet a big goal they have -- i'm hoping i can be part of it! i wish i did not have to wait so long.
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Re: good morning!

  • Waiting sucks, doesn't it??  

    I'm getting used to my new routine this week.  Alex is away, so I've been up early to play with Gus before working.  Today should be a short day - only three meals to cook.  And then probably a trip to the park with him.

    We're waiting for one last estimate for repairs before we ask for consessions from the sellers of our house.  There is some pretty major (and dangerous if not fixed) electrical issues that we need to get take care of.  Hopefully they'll just agree to everything (we are pretty sure they have already relocated to Atlanta based on the sellers signature we saw in an email chain).  

    I had the craziest dreams last night... I don't remember them all, but I do know I woke up with that what the hell feeling.  

    Happy Hump day!  
  • Mornin'!

    I am part of an internal audit team and will be out and about in the plant today, so no Knotting for me today.....
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  • Good morning!

    I'm at work today. Catching up with everything. Pretty busy weekend coming up but I don't have to work it so yay!

    Nothing much to report really...

    Oh! Last night I woke up in a panic because my ponytail was being pulled super hard. Turns out DH had somehow grabbed it in his sleep and was rolling over and taking me with him! It scared me at first (before I woke up enough to realize what was happening) but now I find it pretty funny.

    Lisa - waiting does suck. Hope your meetings go well!
    Sarah - hugs and kisses for Gus!
    K - we miss having you around all the time!
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  • MagheetaMagheeta member
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    Good luck with your interview, Lisa!

    Hooray for an easy day, Sarah!  Have fun with Gus!!

    We'll miss you, Kristen!  Even though you can't Knot as much, I'm sure you're still loving the shorter commute. :)

    Not much to report here except that work has been keeping me busy lately.  Tax season tends to set the rest of the office in a frenzy, so I try to keep occupied in my work and stay out of the way.

    DH and I have set out our plans for our anniversary this weekend!!  Since it falls on a Sunday, we are going to do the big celebrating Saturday night.  I'm going to cook some filets, and a couple of undetermined sides, and we are going to enjoy a bottle of our wedding wine that we saved for the 1 year mark.  I'm so stinkin' excited!  I've already set a reminder on my calendar to take our cake top out of the freezer to thaw.  EmbarassedSmile



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  • Good morning!!!

    Nothing too exciting today, just work, gym, and cooking dinner. I might go look around at the mall around lunch time to get out. I have a store credit still at one store and I need some shoes.

    Mel- Haha I bet that hurt but picturing it makes me laugh.
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  • Lisa- crossing my fingers for you about the upcoming interview!

    Sarah- I hope the sellers agree to the major fixes and the closing goes smoothly! Have fun with Gus today!

    Kristen- Hope your day goes fast, we will miss you!

    Mel- That would totally freak me out! But it is funny after the fact, how in the world did he get a hold of your hair in his sleep!

    Laura- Yay for your anniversary weekend! It sounds very fun and I hope your cake still tastes ok!

    Michelle- (from yesterday's post) I get that a lot I guess I have a familiar face. But I'm cool with you thinking I ride the bus with you, I'd rather ride the bus with you too because there are odd balls on my bus! :)

    April- Yay for Vacation and congrats on your 1 yr anniversary in a couple days!

    Whew, ok so this morning my co-workers and I have been playing the Megamillions Jackpot which is up to something like $400 million. We won $150.00 and split between 20 people we are just putting it back in the pot to play again. I hope we are on to something with this last small win!
    I'm in the middle of picking out a birthday present for our 2 yr old godson, which is always fun to look at toys again. :) He has autism so we were told to get him something that will make him think about how to use the toy. I found a water park playset that has lots of gadgets on it and they live in FL so he can use it all the time! I might be more excited for this than he is!
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  • Happy Hump Day ladies! So this morning I got a text from my wedding photographer inviting me to a "wedding panel survey". It's basically a bunch of wedding vendors who want to talk to real brides and find out what they liked/didn't like, would change, etc. it's from 11:30-1:30, so they will feed me lunch and I will get a gift card for a restaurant. Sounds fun, I'm available, free food, why not!? I just wish you girls could all come with!
  • Morning ladies.

    Looks like a lot has happened already today. 

    Lisa - Hope you can still wait another week for the interview.  And you know we will send the awesome knottie vibes for you!
    Sarah - Hope you have an easy day.  Have fun with Gus at the park!
    K - We miss you.  We understand, but we miss you!
    Mel - Ummm... have to admit I laughed.  But Z has done the same thing to me.  He has also stolen my pillow and thought that it was his when he has thrown his on the floor... long story.
    Laura - Yay for anniversary plans!  Boo for tax season.. reminds me we need to do ours!
    Liz - here's hoping you can find some shoes on your lunch!
    Ash - If you win send some of that moolah this way!  lol :)  Oh also, Michelle isn't the only one who has seen your dopleganger (sp).  I swear I saw you the other day in Walmart!

    Ok.  Now that Im caught up...
    last night was nice.  I spent it with a friend (rescuing her from her mom) she is helping her big sis plan her wedding and their mom has become a momzilla.  So her and I did some shopping at Michaels. 
    I got some bad news last night.  My grandpa is in the hospital, he has been fainting and they aren't sure why.  The only thing they know is that it isn't because of his diabetes.  They ruled that out very fast according to my grandma.  I feel useless because we are 2 hours away and she wont let us come down.  I really want to go to.  My sister is going tomorrow after she finishes her shift at 8am.  She is off for a week so she is going to go and get better answers. T&P for him please.
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  • April- that sounds like a fun time and you get a free GC, Bonus!

    Linds- that is too funny, I just have one of those faces I guess!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandfather! I hope they find out what is causing the fainting and he gets better soon! You guys are in my thoughts!
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  • Happy Hump Day!!

    I got lots of sleep lat night. I believe I fell asleep on the couch just after 7, woke up at 8 and watched some of the biggest loser then went upstairs at 9. I definitely feel well rested today.

    Tonight is school though so I'm sure I'll be tired again tomorrow.

    Lisa- I hope this next week goes by fast for you! So good to hear that they are looking to hire so many people for that department!

    Sarah- I hope the sellers fix what needs to be fixed. If it's that dangerous then I would think they should. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned. Enjoy this bonding time with Gus. I was a single mom for the first 2 weeks we had Sadie-now I'm her favorite ;)

    Kristen- Hope the audit goes good.

    Mel- Okay- I'm sorry but I lol'd. I don't think that has ever happened to me before.

    Laura- YAY for getting everything planned for your anniversary!!

    Ashley- We've been playing the mega millions at work too. I don't think that we have yet to win anything..

    April- Anything for free lunch, right?!?!

    Lindsay- T & P's to you and your grandpa!

  • Thanks girls!  My sister will get the answers we need. 

    So I was browsing BTR (beyond the rack) and came across this. <-- clicky!
    If it doesn't work let me know.  But what do you think?  Am I crazy to spend that much money on a diaper bag??
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  • Linds- T&Ps for your grandfather- I hope he is OK.

    Ash- H and I played Mega Millions last night, but did not win obviously. I might buy a ticket for the Friday drawing.

    Sarah- We actually had the same situation, we had some eletrical stuff that needed to be fixed too, they ended up accepting because they had moved to a different city as well. Good luck!

    Where has MB been??? I hope she's not having another bad migraine :(
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  • Liz- I think she started her new position this week which will keep her away from TK
  • I talked to her over the weekend but haven't since. Like Serena said, I think it's the new job keeping her busy and away from us.
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  • lzmac11lzmac11 member
    edited March 2012

    Colleen has been super sick!  She was home Monday and Tuesday with some sort of stomach bug.  She starts her new position on Thursday.  When she didn't show up on Monday I texted her asking if she was ok.  If it was a migraine or other.  She wrote back that she was sick with something.  I haven't talked to her yet today. 

    Edit:  just talked to her.  She is back at work today. 

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  • Good Morning!

    I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I am finally back at work today, and the world is still a blurry place. We'll see how long I last on the computer today. I have some catching up to do at work, but will also try and catch up on your posts. I hope everyone is doing well, and having a great week so far :)
  • Hi Chrissy!  Hope it all went well!  We missed you around here!
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  • Chrissy, how did the surgery go?!

    I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa Linds.  :( 
  • Welcome back, Chrissy! How was the surgery? You feeling alright?
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  • Thanks ladies, I miss you all too!

    Surgery was quick, and a little uncomfortable (BTW, the xanax did not relax me!). The first few days were painful and uncomfortable, now it's just a matter of seeing a little more each day.
  • Chrissy-

    I'm suprised things are still blurry. I walked out of the office being able to see. And did they give you xanax? I got valum (sp) and it worked wonders. I hope the blurriness goes away soon.

    Welcome back Colleen. How are you feeling?
  • Wow there is way too much for me to cactch up on here so can I just say ^^^^ what they said.

    A hosted a party for his co-workers at our place last night which was fine except I didn't get much sleep and now I'm super tired (and a bit hungover!) and have a super busy day today.
    I went to the doctor this morning before work for a follow-up to again here 'everything is fine, just wait and see' which is beyond frustrating!!

    On a more positive note vacation is in 4 more days!

  • I"ve been a busy bee at work trying to catch up. I still need to catch up on old posts, but here's my reply for today :)

    Lisa- sending good vibes your way for the interview next week.
    Sarah- Best of luck, hopefully the sellers do not have any objections.
    K- We'll miss you. Oh, and congrats on your frirst pay check the other day.
    Mel- Lol,sounds like you have a wild sleeper of a hubby.
    Laura- Aw... that sounds like a cute plan for your anniversary. Is it bad luck that we ate the top of our cake on our 1 month anniversary? We couldn't wait that long!
    Liz- have fun shoe shopping.
    Ash- that sounds like an awesome gift!
    Ape- That sounds like fun & free food is always a bonus! Nice way to help out future brides :)
    Linds- I hope your grandpa is okay, please keep us updated. You and your family are in my thoughts.
    Serena- Woo hoo for some much needed z's. Also, I had PRK done not Lasik so recovery is much slower!
    MB- Glad to hear the migraines have subsided. welcome back!
    Andrea- Have fun tonight  & woohoo for just 4 more days til vacation :)
  • Way to go Chrissy!

    Oh for Chrissy and those that don't get on FB during the day.  Becky (can't remember what her screen name was) is in the hospital.  She has been in pain for a couple days (as most of you know) she went and made them keep her.  The last time she posted she was still 1cm.  We may or may not have another baby soon.
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  • Linds- who is Becky?? Woohoo for another baby!!!
  • Chrissy, Becky's screen name was Blaharn. She used to be on here a lot before and a little after our weddings.
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  • Ash- Thanks, I remember Blaharn! How exciting, I wonder if her little munchkin was born yesterday?
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