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TTC, personal but need advice!

so, I finally started period and was then able to start the 5 days of clomid. I didn't have any symptoms! Thank god....

So, I have been tracking my ovulation with the clearblue easy ovulation kit. It's an expensive one but ,y sis already had it and lent it to me, I just had to buy the strips ($50 For just strips!)
Anyway, it shows low, medium and high ovulation days.
I'm on cycle day 8 and I just moved from low to medium...I have no idea when to have sex...I figure when it says high, I'm fully ovulating (this is just my guess) and it's kinda too late??
I've heard too much sex is not good...when should wen have sex? I don't want to overdo it, but I don't want to miss the boaT....

Here is my thought:
Sex tonight, Monday
Sex Wednesday
Sex Friday and Saturday (we are on vacation!!) I'm guessing I'll get the hi ovulation day around Saturday because its day 14, but I really have no idea....most people don't work that perfectly...

I go in for hormone tests 9 days after I ovulate to make sure the clomid is working and its the right dose...I know I'm wishing but I hope they will tell me that I'm pregnant then....
Please send lots of that baby dust you guys are always talking about to me and Paul this week and weekend!!!

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