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April 2011 Weddings

Wedding purse

I'm behind on posts because it has been uber crazy today but I was wondering if everyone got their purse or bag for the day of the wedding or are you just now using one?

I still need to go shopping for mine *oops* so let me know where you got it from :-)

Re: Wedding purse

  • I hadn't really thought about it. I guess what I was thinking was that I'd just have everyone else carry stuff for me... but now I want one... Dangit Swtasa! Wink I might have to check around for a really cheap one. And I mean really cheap. lol
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  • LizdcLizdc member
    I found a beaded vintage silver clutch from the 60's at an antique hall for 20. It was one of places with like50 booths in rural PA. It is so cute. I also have a clutch/ small purse thing so it will get used again. Plus I love vintage/ antique.
  • Mine is my something borrowed - my mom's clutch from her wedding day.
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  • I got a red clutch from Etsy that looks sorta like Missy's.  I heart it and will use it after the wedding.
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  • I really like the two pics you guys posted above.  Missy, yours from Etsy is flippin adorable!

    I plan on using a clutch I already own, so no new purses for me. :)
  • Thank you Krgleason! I think she did a great job and I like that she put our date in it. That Etsy, it's amazing!
  • Mine's a small black vintage Louis Vuitton bag FI got me for Xmas.  I don't care that it's black, it's a freaking Louis Vuitton!
  • I got mine on Etsy and love it!
    You can choose the fabric color on the inside and also add a little personalized tag with your names and wedding date.

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