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April 2011 Weddings

Two for Tuesday

Hope K doesn't mind if I post one!

What was the best Christmas gift you've ever given?

What is the best one you ever received?
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Re: Two for Tuesday

  • Don't mind at all!  I haven't posted one in a while....

    Given - Last year I got J a share of Packers stock - he is still quite the happy camper.

    Recieved - A blanket my great aunt crocheted for me about 20 years ago shortly before she passed away.  I love it and it will be going in Thor's room.  If Thor was a girl, his middle name would have been her first name (she was like my third grandma - her and her husband were not able to have any children).

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  • given -- I think the year I gave everyone a handmade blanket was the best. Those things took a lot of time and my family still uses them!

    received -- Liam got me a beautiful necklace a couple years ago, it was a red heart pendant with like a little bow around the top. it is gorgeous!
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  • Given - One year I bought A a new mountain bike. That was a pretty cool present to give.

    Recieved - As a kid, nintendo wins hands down, we played that thing for days straight after Christmas.
    As an adult probably the more practical stuff like a vaccuum.
  • mmm, probably a beer basket that I asked my friends from around the country to send me beer from local craft breweries for P. I put them in a basket with a note from each friend and their beer.

    It's sad but I know what I am getting every year because I have to tell Philip exactly what to get me. I guess my favorite thing I picked out for myself was my jewelry box from pottery barn.
    When I was a kid my favorite thing was probably the Nintendo like Andrea said. I was the Duck Hunt Master! :)
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