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Good Morning Ladies

It is way too cold out today, I want the nice weather back. We are hovering in the mid to low 50's for a high and low of 30's for this week. It looks like the heat will have to be turned back on for a bit.

I went to a really cool Bachelorette party this weekend. It was at a local glass maker in our bar district (Southside); we each got to make our own colored glass flowers. We then went bar crawling (without the flowers so no one broke any).

On Sunday DH and I went to see the Hunger Games. It was pretty true to the book, was worth the packed theater and wait! I thought the girl who played Katniss and Woody Harrelson were really good!
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Re: Good Morning Ladies

  • Morning!

    We had a nice weekend with my folks and Willie.  That dog is awesome and so cool.  We had J's folks over for dinner on Saturday - we are so lucky that our families like each other.

    Not too much else to report.  Cold here this morning (barely above freezing), but we are supposed to warm up tomorrow and be in the 50s/low 60s the rest of the week.

    And as a side note for any chart stalkers out there - we had bad timing this month, so I am taking a break from temping until after AF this cycle.
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  • Hello and Good morning!

    I was not wanting today to come! I just want to by in bed all nice and warm! I had a very nice weekend! Saturday I finally got my windows tinted on my car. I don't know why I waited so long to do so. It was so nice this morning not have bright lights shining in my eyes! Then Robert and i went to the Sharks game. It ended in a shootout and they won! We had a great time.
    Sunday I deep cleaned the kitchen and relaxed. I was extremely tired yesterday. And now I'm here. I have school tonight so it'll be a long day.

    Ashley- That's one awesome bachelorette party! Glad you had a great time!
    Kristen- It's so nice when your families get a long. I couldn't imagine if they didn't
  • Morning ladies.

    I had a great weekend.  We had supper with MIL for her birthday on Sat (her bday was Sun) took her to Red Lobster.  Great night with some really good food!  I baked the cake portion of the dessert for supper at my moms Sat night.  Which btw Colleen - thanks!  Everyone (including me) loved it. 

    Sun morning we went to my dads for brunch.  Yum, blueberry pancakes, scones, fruit and ham!  We spent some time there since we dont see them often.  Left around 1pm and went home and gathered things for my moms. 

    Had a great time at my moms as well.  We had pork chops with options of moose tenderloin or cougar chops (no joke - the cougar tasted like pork with more flavor!!).  I had a little bit of each meat.  Funny thing was that the pork had the least taste to me. 

    Both nights we just hung out at home.  Neither of us had a good sleep last night so I am working on fumes here at work. 
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  • I'm sitting at my new house waiting for the inspector to do his thing. So far the roof and outside look good and he is in the attic. I then have to rush home, finish some work and head to a clients to cook. Plus give Gus some time. Alex is in Miami and I'm a single mom this week, My weekend was unexciting. We had a low key cookout with friends on Saturday after Alex helped with scuba classes. And he was off to te airport at 6 am yesterday. I wish I had brought my bottle of water...
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    Morning ladies!

    I had a great weekend (minus really bad allergies I am experiencing). Sat I went to my morning workout class, then I cleared out a lot of my planting beds in the backyard getting them ready for spring planting. Being in the yard made my allergies worse, I probably should've worn a mask. Then I cleaned the house Saturday afternoon- and then I crashed. H and I ended up staying in and going to bed early.

    Sunday we went to see the Hunger Games!!! It was so great. I do agree with Mel's post on FB about it being slightly different from the books, but mostly followed them. I seriously want to see it again.

    Then yesterday I was sick and grocery shopped.
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  • Good morning!!

    Weekend was good. Friday night we saw Hunger Games and (like I said on FB) I liked it a lot! Saturday & Sunday were barn raising days - that was fun too! I got to use a saw and a nail gun :D

    I'm off work today. Did my 3 mile walk, paid some bills, went to the post office, and then played tennis with a friend for about an hour. Now back home with nothing to do really. I COULD clean the house and do dishes (and there's probably a load of laundry to be done as well) but I don't really feel like doing chores right now. Hopefully I'll find motivation at some point today...

    Ash - that sounds like so much fun! Post a pic of your flower!
    K - familes getting along = good. Willie = adorable. Pics please?
    Serena - yay for no more blinding sun!
    Linds - a food filled weekend! Haha
    Sarah - hope everything goes well with the inspector!
    Liz - the pollen is a killer. Everything is yellow :P
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  • Good morning ladies.
    We had a pretty low key weekend. Cleaned up a lot although I think there is still a lot to do but at least things are a bit more presentable.
    Saturday night we just stayed in and watched the hockey game.
    We were supposed to go up the mountain and ski/party last night but we were both too tired for that on a Sunday night. Instead we went to my parents for dinner.

    The weather is horrible here this morning, raining and grey but I leave for vacation in 6 days! so I'm thinking about that instead.

    Jealous of you girls who saw the Hunger Games (I just read the first book and I want to see the movie soon).
    Sarah - GL with the inspection
    K - Here's hoping for better timing next cycle. AF finally is here today so hopefully next month will be our BFPs!

  • Hola chickies! I worked all weekend, but was able to switch my shift today and work on Tuesday instead. We saw Hunger Games last night (awesome!) and so far today I've run some errands and now I'm laying in the couch watching Maury. :-p
  • I'm jealous of all y'all that saw The Hunger Games. John and I are planning to see it the first weeknight I'm not working and don't have to work the next day... so probably not until next week.

    This weekend was great! I actually got out of work early on Friday. On Saturday we started some of our seeds (zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, and marigolds)  and went to a surprise birthday party for my uncle the rest of the day. Sunday we relaxed most of the day and went out for margaritas with a couple of our friends after dinner.
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