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April 2011 Weddings


I have this cousin that I'm not especially close with, but we were close as kids. She's getting married tomorrow and I'm not going to be able to make it because Brad's granny passed away yesterday and we have funeral home stuff tomorrow.

I feel kinda bad since she traveled 4 hours for our wedding with a small child in tow. But, there's nothing I can do about the timing and I do not feel guilty one bit for choosing to be with my husband instead of at her wedding. Although, my mom is kind of laying on the guilt pretty thick. Oh well.

Now for my question: would you tell the bride you could not attend at this point in the game. We did rsvp...by facebook, as requested. ::eyeroll::

I don't think they're serving dinner, but the invite didn't specify. Although it is at dinner time. So I'm not sure if there's assigned seating and a per plate charge. I really doubt it though, just judging by the clues so far.

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  • I would send her a note or call/text her. Even if she doesn't need a count for food reasons, I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing from you why you can't be there rather than hearing it from another relative that might not have the whole story. And you definitely should not feel guilty one bit. It's disappointing that you can't be there, but I'm sure the bride will understand.
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  • I would call or email and let her know. 
  • i think i would try to let someone know that you can't make it, but maybe not the bride. the bride probably has enough to do today and probably won't notice until later you were not there. but could you maybe let her mom know, or someone else, in case there is some kind of seating chart or per person charge? i think it is better safe than sorry on that kind of thing. i only had one person not show -- a friend's date -- and to be honest i was a little annoyed that my friend didn't let me know, b/c we were paying by the person.
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  • I would definitely let her know.
  • Done and done :)  Thanks, amigas.
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  • I would let her know (call to her or her parents).  A couple of our friends were not able to make it to our wedding because his mom eneded up in the ER the day before our wedding and they did call Joel to let us know.  Completely understandable when a serious family situration comes up.  That call was much appreciated by us.
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  • I would let her know and I'm sure she will be happier to find out from you than someone else. Things happen and she will understand why you can't be there.
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  • I agree with Lisa.  I would tell someone but not the bride.  The day before our wedding and the day of I didn't have time to check my email account (I did text).  But it would have been nice to know that people weren't going to show at our wedding.  I had 3 no shows without notice.  And 6 that we knew something happened.
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