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May 2011 Weddings


 I am so excited that next month we will all be at the 1.5 year mark. I thnk then it will be "socially acceptable" to make actual plans. I am soooooo sick of the side eye for doing things so early.


  • I can't believe so many people are getting slack for making plans early. If I could sit my FI down for two seconds I'd have the venue booked. I love me date and don't want to have to compromise it because a venue is taken that day. Just make your plans and try to enjoy the process. I know that's my main goal. Planning life in general can be frustrating and stressful...but I intend to enjoy every minute of my long engagement...stress free. *fingers crossed*
  • I hear ya sista!  I'm so tired of getting crap for planning things so early.  Who cares?!  I think that planning early is WAY better rushing at the last minute. I'm glad I'm not the only one getting 'the eye'!
    ~ Missie

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  • I know, FI and I found a venue we love for the reception but haven't a clue for the ceramony. You better belive I am going to be on his a$$ to find one next month! I don't want to loose my date either.Oh and double excitement for November, all of us girls are getting together to order our BM dresses for my brothers wedding Aug. It is wedding fever around here and I am loving every minute of it!
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