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May 2011 Weddings

Aggie - Bio Update

Hi Aggie, I just submitted a bio under the threat "to all the newbies" but I already thought of some updates to that! We got engaged 10-4-09 at Niagara Falls. He proposed on one of the Three Sister Islands in view of the Horseshoe Falls! It was beautiful! We are both 24, though he is about 6 months older than me. We haven't picked out a cake, but we'd love one with red velvet cake inside. Hmm, I think that's all I have for now! Thanks!

Re: Aggie - Bio Update

  • its all up, let me know if something is wrong.  I cut and pasted so I didn't even double check it.   if you want to change anything let me know by paging me again.  I will respond much faster when its in top of the page. 
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