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Yankee Trace + Counrty Club of the North?

I plan on looking at both places within the next few weeks... I would love any input! Also I know what pricing is like at Yankee, but does anyone know what I can expect from Country Club of the North? (fyi: my hopes are for an outside ceremony and indoor reception)

Re: Yankee Trace + Counrty Club of the North?

  • Michele45419Michele45419 member
    edited December 2011
    I also looked at both locations and booked with Country Club of the North (so I may be biased). 

    At Yankee Trace, the outdoor ceremony area wasn't exactly what my FI and  I expected.  The outdoor ceremony area was right by the air conditioners and it would be difficult for our guests to hear.  For me, it was also important for me to like the 'rain-alternative' site.  And for the rain-alternative, Yankee Trace would clear out a part of the reception room for the ceremony, and then usher everyone out of that same room to set up for the reception.  I know that's common-practice for rain-alternative sites, but it wasn't what I wanted. (And to be even more picky - I didn't like the carpet there....)

    As for Country Club of the North, they have 2 sites that are generally used for outdoor ceremonies - both of which are good options IMO.  And for the rain-alternative option, it wasn't going to be a place where we would usher our guests inside and then force them back outside (it was in the lobby with a beautiful arch-window area).  You also have the entire club for the day of the wedding - not just 4 hours or whatever else.

    And as for price, we expected a smaller wedding party and I knew that with our guest counts, we would have a more difficult time with meeting event minimums at several sites at which we looked.  (At the time we were looking at sites, we were inviting about 100/110 people.) As it turns out, we have 72 people attending our wedding.  CCN did not have an event minimum.  By our estimates in the planning process, CCN would be ~2000 more than any other location - and we thought it was worth it.  I'm getting married on Saturday at CCN with our reception there as well.  You're more than welcome to email me with additional questions if you'd like - Michele45419 at hotmail dot com
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    I am doing my ceremony and reception at Yankee Trace. I found there prices to be great, we did a food tasting and loved the food, and the staff has been amazing to work with. It is only costing us $700 for room rental for the ceremony and reception. Yes, the carpet there is not the best but we are going to have about 20 tables in the room so you are not really going to see it. They have linens for you to use free of charge and are really willing to work with you!

    I did talk with CCN and did not find them to be as welcoming and the communication was severely lacking.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

    Good luck!
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    I Never tried Yankee Trace, but I started out planning on going with Country Club of the North and as PP said i had communication problems with them. They took weeks to return my phone calls and just as long with emails. It didn't seem like they really wanted my business i actually ended up with doing it at Beavercreek Golf Club. 
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    I never visited Yankee Trace so I dont have an opinion there. We booked with CCN. Yes, it is a bit more expensive, BUT the place is gorgeous inside and out. We love the fact that we can have dinner inside and then come outside under the huge tent overlooking the golf course for dancing. We also love the fact that we get full use of the facility the day of the wedding, and their director acts as a DOC for you also, which was huge for me b/c I dont want to worry about anything on my special day! As far as communication goes, we booked back in May of this year and have not had any problems thus far. Good luck!
  • sambarnettsambarnett member
    edited December 2011
    OK, so update:
    We went to look at Yankee Trace and here is what I found!
    The outside of the building is impressive upon driving up and the entry way when you walk in was great as well! Then we walked into the room where the reception would be held... where did all the "wow factor" go???? It was small, boring and dated! As someone had said earlier the site for the ceremony was just out side the reception area on the patio... very thin (maybe 3 guests on each side), long and right next to a huge AC unit. The dance floor was set up inside the main room and looked as though it would fall apart if danced on! It is suggested to put a bar in the entry way... right by the front door... where outside people will have to walk through to get to the restaruant. Clearly this is not my first choice!
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