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May 2011 Weddings

New to the Knot!

Hey everyone!

IMy name is Christina and I plan on getting married in May 2011!! (I'm so glad i'm not the only one waiting a yr and a half! to get married haha) I would love to hear from all of you to share ideas on color schemes, dreses, venues, photographers, or any ventures you've experienced with your wedding planning.

Here's a little background on me:

I live in central Jersey and work as a full time auditor. I would like to go to grad school at some point, possibly sometime after the wedding.  My fiance lives in Northern Viirginia and works as an assistant manager for a local restaurant. He is looking to move up to Jersey sometime next yr to pursue teaching history.  We got engaged in May on my birthday (The 18th- YAY!) and we're excited to plan a nice spring wedding! So far I have found The Dress and right now i'm trying to decide on a wedding venue.

Where are you at with your wedding plans? Have you started looking into venues or dreses? I look forward to hearing from everyone! Smile

Re: New to the Knot!

  • welcome! and congratulations

    In my siggy is a link to the May11 blog.  there are several bios of your fellow knotties there.  If you want to be added just page me here and I will get it put up! 

    I can't wait to hear about your plans as they progress.

    My Christmas break is about to start (tomorrow and 5pm!!!!!) so then more planning will take place. all I have is the church, the officiant, and the reception site.  haha

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  • Welcome! We're career twins - I'm an auditor too!

    We have our venue almost chosen, and I've picked (but not purchased) my dress. We were originally planning for May 2010 though... otherwise we would probably still be brainstorming about everything.
  • Hi and welcome!

    And 1.5 yrs isn't that bad of a wait! I got engaged in May of this year! Time fliiiiies!!
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  • Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I would love to have the wedding in 2010. However, my sister is also engaged and is having her wedding June 2010. My family is a bit overwhelmed  between her wedding and mine.  But you are right jenandchris- Time does fly. When my sister got engaged back in 2007, i thought 2010 was eons away. Now here we are at the end of 2009. Before you know it, it'll be 2011!!!

    @ Aggiebugg - i would love to be a part of your blog. Please let me know the details. I'm pretty much in the same spot as you with the wedding planning. And you're lucky you have a nice Christmas break to do more planning- Enjoy!

    @ Hedgefun- That's great you've got a dress picked out! How many dresses did you try on till you decided on The One? I must've tried at least 10 dresses on before i decided. But i always went back to that dress. You just know the moment you put it on, that its The One. Even after i waited 3 mos and didn't try any other dresses on, I still went back to it and had the feeling of "Of course i chose this dress." It just fit so well and I felt amazing wearing it.

    Right now i have three beautiful wedding venues- spread out all over NJ. One is way up north, one is central and the other is way south.  I'm still going back to my first choice venue (which is central and closer to home). I'm pretty much settled with the venue site, now i have to decide what time of day and what day i want the wedding. I really want an outdoor wedding ceremony- so i was leaning toward the afternoon wedding and the reception would be over by 5 pm. But, I was also contemplating having an evening wedding that would last at least till 10 pm. *Sigh* Decisions, decisions...
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