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May 2011 Weddings

No, I don't want your adivce on how to plan my wedding! (vent)

Okay, so its great that I get to plan my wedding while I'm at work due to the fact that I work for the property management company for the building where we're getting married and a lot of coworkers like to hear about it. Since its actually a pretty small management staff (only 10 of us) I had already planned on inviting them all and I don't feel too strange when they ask me about how things are going. Its great that everyone is excited. I'm thrilled people are looking forward to it. Really, I don't mind.

What I mind is when people who were never invited manage to invite themselves because I'm too nice and too much of a pushover to say no. And then these same people are telling me that they haven't received the invitation yet. Apparently I should have sent all of my invitations out in the beginning of the month. There are three or four people that are constantly telling me how I need to do things. I need to make sure we have this type of food, this type of drinks, this type of stationary, this type of cake, this type of flowers... It never ends! When I try to politely tell them that we've already got it under control, they take offense and mutter about how I need to do it their way. Not only do these people invite themselves to my wedding and refuse to catch my hints (and even outright telling them) that I don't want to talk about the wedding while at work, but then they criticize my ideas!

One girl overheard my meeting with our event coordinator and heard that I'm using birds of paradise in my bouquet and centerpieces and later told me how awful of an idea this was. She continued to tell me that If I didn't use roses (from a friend of hers that is a florist) then everything would look tacky and out of place for a wedding. A couple days ago, another girl went on in great length about how I need to serve this type of cuisine because her family likes it. Um... Since you got an invitation out of me, you think this means your entire family can come?!!? No! Earlier today, someone decided that since I haven't mailed my invitations out, and its much too late to mail them now, the save the dates that I sent out in November are the real invitations. They criticized my save the dates and when I explained that the invitations will go out in March, that just wasn't good enough!

Ugh. I'm so sick of this group of people telling me how to do things and when I don't use their ideas apparently I'm doing it all wrong. I've tried not talking about the wedding with them, I've tried to change the subject, I've tried to be frank and honest, I've tried being polite, I don't know what to do!
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