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May 2011 Weddings

Good Morning


Re: Good Morning

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    [QUOTE]GAH!  One of my work collegues just came to ask me about wedding invitations because he and his partner are apparently finally tying the knot.  He was asking if I knew of any discount places other than Vistaprint.  I explained that I made my own invitations so I really didn't know of any invitation places (total lie since obviously I've heard of places on TK).  He was curious about my DIY project so I showed him a sample of what a pocketfold invitation looks like and talk about all the inserts you can put in them. He then says, "Oh like the registry information?"  I have to say it gave me a lot of satisfaction to say, "actually it's a big faux pas to do that because it basically is asking guests to give you a gift."  This man makes my work life miserable whenever I have to ask him for something so it gave me so much satisfaction to put him in his place ettiquette wise.  He informed me he is still going to put the registry info there because everyone gives gifts and they need to know where to shop.  ::::head desk::::
    Posted by LaBellaVita23[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Several family members came up to me after the wedding and said that they didn't get us anything off the registry because they didn't know where we were registered because it wasn't on the invitation. Apparently it's very uncommon around here, because I had several friends mention their surprise that we hadn't included registry cards.</div><div>
    </div><div>SOS - Hi!  Congrats on the new job!!!</div><div>
    </div><div>Aggie - your skirt is SUPER adorable. Great job!

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