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NWR: Pet Peeves @ Work

Ok so there is this lady at work who won't get up out of her seat to throw something in the garbage. We have an open plan with desks in groups and she proceeds to scoot everywhere on her chair to avoid having to get up out of her seat! And I'm not talking like 1ft away...the garbage can is like 10 feet away. Everytime she does it I just want to scream at her! It is sooo lazy.

What annoys you at work?


Re: NWR: Pet Peeves @ Work

  • Haha, that is just plain lazy.

    I like to leave my desk and walk around. 
  • I really get annoyed when people send really long lengthy firmwide e-mails about crap that doesn't matter.  Get to the point people!

    This one lady wrote almost a novel about how she was upset because our firm changed office supplies stores and she didn't like the pencils from the new store.  I'm sorry, I didn't realized people still used pencils (at a lawfirm).  And anyways, who cares.  It's a pencil, deal with it!
  • Oh wow....where shall I begin?

    I cant stand tapping. I used to sit next to a guy who had a nervous habit of tapping either his pencil or his hands on his desk CONSTANTLY.

    There is another guy who sits a few cubes away from me who clears his throat ALL THE TIME. C'mon, really?????

    And finally.....I hate when people dont mute their computers. A new guy recently moved into the cube next to me. Somehow he didnt notice that everyone in our area (about 10 people) has their laptops muted, so its really quiet. Every email, every instant message, every "error" sound - we ALL heard it.
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  • I get annoyed when people e-mail me and sit like 3 ft away. Or they e-mail me, then call me and tell me what the e-mail was about.  One or the other people!

    Punctuality!  UGH. I said the meeting was at 7, not 7:15. Or I asked for a report by Wed.. and it's Thursday.  I think I might start fibbing a little to keep things running.
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  • There is a very long list but I think at the top of mine is pointless meetings. I was sitting on a conference call this morning for an hour and half. No one knew what the point of the meeting was! To top it off the organizer tried to explain but couldn't. If you don't know why you are wasting people's time then please don't.
  • OMG SLURPING!!! same thing
  • We have cubes and for the most part not a lot bugs me. HOWEVER, I am next to the computer station with the scanner. One of the ladies that works in my office talks to it the entire time she is scaning! For real lady!!! Sometimes she yells at other times she cheers it on. Not only annoy but weird!

  • Talking. OMG. I came into work yesterday after the long holiday weekend and had a story to tell a coworker. My boss walks by me and grumbles "Come on bridgett" As if to tell me I talk to much. I finished my story(all 2 min of it) and went back to my desk. She proceeds to talk to 3 other girls in the office for 15 min! OMG! So I cant talk but everyone else can?

    Another higher up than me does that too. Gives attitude b/c you arent working, then doesnt shut up herself. Very very annoying.

    Its the favorite game and Im not it. Not cool
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  • Throat clearing.  Throat clearing.  Throat clearing.  Throat clearing.

    I have to hear you.  Do you realize that?  I have to hear the happy silence puntuated by your LOUD THROAT CLEARING every two minutes.  Guess how that makes me feel?  GUESS!
  • Ok, I work in retail (at Sears) as a cashier, and we've all decided we have our 'normal' voice and then our 'customer' voice, the voice we use when we're ringing customers up. There's a distinct difference. There is one cashier who I work with whose 'customer' voice is SOOOO annoying!!!! She gets all high pitched and almost sounds like she's talking to a little kid or a baby. I just cannot stand her voice when she's talking to customers!!!! 
    Her normal voice is totally fine, and then out of nowhere, BAM this high pitched weird, ending all the sentences like they are questions even if they aren't voice comes out. 

    Also, we have a new kid training who asks "do you want this on gift receipt?" That makes no sense, and it annoys the crap out of me. Just say "Would you like a gift receipt for this" ... Do you want this ON gift receipt? UGH. Drives me nuts. 
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  • HAHAHA My list could go on forever but here are some of the big ones....

    1. Cutting your TOE nails at work
    2. Cutting fingernails
    3. Throat clearing
    4. Farting Contest, yes that is right they fart and blow the fart with there an at eachother
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  • A man by me cuts his toe nails and finger nails.   ALL THE TIME.
  • degrea I don't even wanna know where you work LoL but I'm glad that I don't work there!
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    LOL!  I was about to make a post about this today.  Since I'm the "guru" in using this Architecture program, they think that something that takes me all day to do is magic.  So they keep making me change something and I have to keep reminding them that it will take me a couple of hours to do.  They also like to give me A LOT of work and then head to lunch...like a minute before 1pm.  So that means I have to work during my lunch.  I learned how to work around that.  It gets on my nerves.  Also, they keep standing over my shoulder!!!!!!  I'm surprised I was even able to type this.  ARGHHHHH!

    OMGosh, not even one minute, he is back @ my desk!

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  • Shan: i am engineer that works with men, who act like little boys!
    To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be. - Unknown Why is electricity so expensive these days? Why does it cost so much for something I can make with a balloon and my hair? - Dennis Miller
  • Joy - You're cracking me up!! The guy that works here that is always clearing his throat - me and all my other co-workers used to keep a tick sheet. By the end of the day, the post it note tick sheet was literally FULL.
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  • I feel bad... I just spent 5 min hacking and clearing my throat.  But it's not my fault.  I was drinking while reading this and swollowed wrong.
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  • My coworkers SUCK!  I work in a medical practice as a tech with 4 other techs and 5 doctors.  No one understands the word teamwork... NO ONE.  Oh and of course there are the people who take their half hour lunch then go smoke and then take their daily poop stretching their lunch now to over an hour!  Or the people who are constantly MIA... or the doctors who are completely helpless... every tech will be busy and they will just stand at the desk and stare at their charts instead of god forbid work up one of their own patients.... ARRRGGGHHH... I could go on and on...
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  • @astone, been there! But we had a guy come in to paint the hallway and he was on his phone most the time and when he wasnt....he was talking to everyone walking by...are you freakin kidding?!?! We work in an office. Shut up and do your job so we can do ours! Its bad enough we have to smell your paint!
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  • I'm a little late to the game, but I thought I'd throw mine in there too:

    -People injecting themselves into a conversation they weren't a part of in the first place. I have a coworker who does this constantly. It's basically because no one wants to talk to him anyway because he's boring, so he just interrupts whoever is talking, and then climbs on his soapbox about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

    -People standing behind my desk so they can watch ESPN on the waiting room television.

    -I have a boss who drags his finger across the backside of my cubicle wall every single time he rounds the corner into our office. I always know it's him walking in because of his dragging finger.

    -same boss as above likes to comment on whatever I'm eating for snack/lunch everyday. His comments are always snide, and he either says "You're only having that?" (indicating I'm not eating enough) or "You sure you want to eat that?" (indicating I'm either eating too much or something crappy).

    People just drive me crazy in general, ugh.
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