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Is it okay to leave...

my dress at the bridal salon? It came in a little bit ago so I need to get to the store to check it out and make sure everything is good! I live in a tiny apt with hardly any closet space, and FI frequently visits. The salon is also doing alterations, so is it okay to leave it there? Wedding is in June. TIA!

Re: Is it okay to leave...

  • ungraceful13ungraceful13 member
    edited December 2011
    As long as it is ok with them it shouldnt be too big of an issue, but most bridal shops want you to get the dress out of their shop so it is no longer a liability issue for them if something happens to it ie a fire, flood,... Also if there is any chance the bridal store could go under you would want to make sure your dress was there because you might have difficulty getting it then. Is there anyone who could take it for you? parents? grandparents? friend? My wedding is in June and it is currently hanging in my grandmothers closet bc I do not have room in my tiny apt closet and neither does my mother.
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  • mindiosumindiosu member
    edited December 2011
    I left mine there until 2 days before the wedding. I felt it was safe there and I didn't want to store it at home where anyone could see it.  If they are ok with it, I say leave it.  Do they do alterations and pressing?  If so, schedule those with them so that they have a reason to keep it and have it pressed as close to the wedding day as possible.
  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    edited December 2011
    I would talk to the studio and see what their thoughts are. You would hate for it to go missing right before the wedding with no hope of an alternative. Mine luckily came in close to the wedding so it wasnt an issue, but I dontknow if I would trust just anyplace with my dress.
  • skippylouwhoskippylouwho member
    edited December 2011
    I had a friend leave her dress at the shop, all alterartions were done and it was ready for the big day.  She went back 2 days before the wedding to pick it up and they had sold it "off-the-rack" to someone else. The person who sold it thought it was a dress that had just never been picked up.  The store ended up telling her she could have any dress in the store, they would do alterations on the spot and she could take it with her. She found the most expensive dress and had the alterate (no, she didn't even like the dress). They altered it, she waited while the work was done and she left with the dress.

    Since then I've been very reluctant about leaving a dress at a shop.  Granted it was one person, one shop.
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    Do you have a relative who has room to store it?
  • edited December 2011
    I really think this depends on the quality of your shop.  I know I left my gown at Kleinfeld's for several weeks before alterations, while they were working on alterations, and after alterations were completed, and it was entirely fine. 

    Once it was shipped to Cincinnati, I also left it with Tony King for several days after he had steamed it, just to keep it from getting messed up in the hotel rooms, and it was fine there, too.

    If you're using a reputable salon, and they're willing to hold it for you, I think you'll be okay.  If, however, you have any sort of "eh...I don't know about this place" feelings, I'd probably take it elsewhere.
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