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Help! What do you guys think?

Ok, so in July this year I had my B-pics completed. The proofs were sent to me in September and I chose 30 pics to be in my book. Well my photographer is suppose to send me a mock up of my book this week. Here we are two weeks away from the wedding and no mock up. This is my gift to FI on our wedding day. It is making me so nervous.

On top of that, I contacted them a couple weeks ago to set up my final appointment. They stated they would get in touch with me this week. They said it was too early to meet with them back then. Well, by Wed I had no email. So I emailed them, no response.

I am so frustrated. We are not having a videographer because its not in our budget. Our photographer is IT to remember the day, and at this level of service I'm about ready to start looking elsewhere. I wish we didn't have two weeks until the wedding. I don't know what to do.

I have a million things going on the next two weeks and I really wanted to get this appt set up. I have no idea when I am going to squeeze them in.

Re: Help! What do you guys think?

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    That sucks. Who is your photographer? I would call them until you get an answer and tell them you need to get it done. If they say it's too early, just tell them you won't have time to do it any later so they need to make time for you.
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    This is the umpteenth message I've seen about Lucky Clover not coming through with something in a timely manner.

    I realize that people really like their work, and that they're quite inexpensive so they're really busy.  Seriously, though - they need to either hire some assistants to help with this influx of clients, or learn to start turning clients away.  Consistently overpromising and underperforming in terms of customer service isn't doing anything for their reputation.
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    I'm so sorry you're in this situation. I think you have every right to be upset and demanding at this point. I hope they get back to you soon and, seriously, they have got to cut down on work load.
  • meldawnmeldawn member
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    This has been so stressful that we are considering looking at other photographers. Our final payment was due to them today, but they haven't even contacted us. It doesn't make me comfortable having them take our wedding pictues with this level of service.
  • mamao2bmamao2b member
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    When I hear someone say "I was supposed to have it this week" that, to me, means Saturdays too. They may be working on the proof now.  I only had mine a little over a week from my wedding, which is what they told me all along would happen.

    Also, I've had problems getting emails through in the last few weeks. You might want to just call them.
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    I'm a firm believer in there are two sides to every story - and nothing personal - but the OP has been really unreasonable from the start with this which leads me to believe there may be more to this than is being posted this particular time.

    I can't say anything to defend the photographer because I don't have both sides....

    And what exactly to you need to meet with them over?  Can't you email stuff?  The only reason I met with the photographer pre-wedding was because they'd never set foot at the venue and I wanted to show them around so they were familiar on the wedding day.  Everything else (timeline, must-takes, etc) was able to be emailed.  The last thing I wanted a couple weeks away from my wedding was unnecessary meetings. 

    In the future, instead of coming here to gripe, I'd suggest CALLING YOUR VENDOR.  You're not the only person I'm baffled by that does this.  Pick up a phone for crying out loud.

    Sorry - must have caught me in a "mood"....
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    In Response to Re: Help! What do you guys think?:
    [QUOTE]Our final payment was due to them today, but they haven't even contacted us. Posted by meldawn[/QUOTE]

    And what exactly does this mean???  When your mortgage payment is due, do you just NOT pay it if they don't call to get your money?  You owe money - it is YOUR obligation to contact them to make payment.
  • Knot AnnieKnot Annie member
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    Posted in behalf of Lucky Clover:

    Lucky Clover has been blessed with wonderful clients this year. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one. It is unfortunate that one bride believes we are ignoring her and providing her poor service. She did email us regarding her final meeting. However, we were already closed for Thanksgiving. We responded when we reopened, however it seems she was out of the office for the weekend. We were only ever provided her work email, so we tried calling her home and her cell numerous times the following day. She stated she hadn’t received her album proof, when in fact, she was always told it would be available Thanksgiving weekend, and it was. She’s been provided that same info multiple times. Only after we denied her request to significantly downgrade her contracted photography package, did she begin to voice displeasure over the timeline of the proof in the Knot community. 

    We always try to work with our clients to find solutions that fit their needs and budget, and saddened meldawn chose to find another photographer, instead of accepting alternate payment terms. We truly looked forward to working with her and her fiance. We wish them both the best of luck in the future. If you have any further questions about our company, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
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