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I wanted to give the event coordinator a tip after our reception on Saturday.  Gratuity was already included in our service fee but she really spent a lot of time with me through the planning process answering questions and letting me come look at the space whenever I wanted.  She let us use the bridal suite even though we were not having the ceremony there.  We went overtime at the reception and she didn't charge us any extra.  Also, she and the florist had a lot to set up as I had very detailed decor plans.

I was at a loss on how much to tip.  Surely 10 % of the reception bill is not expected as that would be A LOT of money.  But I certainly didn't want to insult her.  How much do you think is decent tip for this situation?



Re: tipping reception venue event coordinator

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    Since I dont know the cost of your reception, I would start by putting yourself in her place and thinking about what you would want. I always like giving a small gift (cute mug, something girly if she seems like that) and cash. We gave ours an extra 250 because they went so far out of their way on top of what we tipped.
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