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some of you may have seen something about how my parents seem to be fighting us the whole way on this wedding... Maybe not. Well last night it came to a head and I'm just so fed up...

The whole time planning (thus far) my dad has been TELLING me I need to do this or that (i.e change my date to teh following year b/c my brother *might* be getting married next year too, change my colors, change my theme, etc.).  Last night he TOLD me that my brothers had to be in the bridal party and that I needed to play "traditional" music at the reception (what is traditional music for a reception anyway?).  I had been polite and shrugged off everything thus far (even his comment the other night that our wedding might not happen.. wtf?) but that was the last straw.  I told him he was being rude and needs to back off- we have been and will continue to make our own decisions about OUR wedding.  Then he started screaming at me - SCREAMING- that i am doing everything without them and purposely excluding them and I need to do what they want me to do , etc.  That went on for about 10 min.  Pure screaming on his part.  I told him we do not need to get approval for them on how we plan our wedding, the dj list is not going to be designed to cater just to my GP (btw his snide comments were left out for everyone to see- classy), and we have already chosen our wedding party.  I also stated that my mom has been invited to everything and 99% of the time SHE chooses NOT to be there for whatever reason.  That is not my problem. Then he started in with the screaming and would not stop.. Wouldnt even let me say anything.. so I hung up since the "conversation" was going no where.

Then he starts texting me (here come HS) that i need to apologize to HIM. That I was being disrespectful and I have NO right to hang up on him. WTF. for cereal? I told him i will NOT apologize for HIS behavior, he was being unreasonable and totally out of line. Then he continued to text me with the same crap.  Usually our family just gives in, but I really feel that I need to stick to my guns on this one and not. 

He has been nothing but rude this whole time.  It's to the point that if this is how he is going to act then i don't want them there.

Thanks :) sorry its long :/
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