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Men's Warehouse in Kenwood?

I really need some of your advice on renting tuxes in town.  I'll bold the important parts because this is a little long.

First question.

Last week, FI and I went into Men's Warehouse in Kenwood (near Barnes & Nobles).  We had on us a coupon from Fall 2010, which gave us a free tux after renting 5, and the woman there said that the current promotion is rent 6 tuxes get 1 free.  (We asked her to repeat to make sure we understood, and she definitely said 6, making it 7 total tuxes. And we only have 5 GMs).  She didn't give us back the coupon, said she was going to keep it, and then didn't help us for the rest of the time.  We just stood there wondering what we were supposed to do, or if she'd even make an effort to make a deal with us.  After failed attempts to get more help, we just walked out without her saying bye.

Then I went on the Men's Warehouse website and there really is a current promotion for Spring 2011 that gives us 1 free tux with 5 rentals.  Shouldn't the store deals and the website deals match up?  And if they don't, doesn't the website's deal trump that lady's deal?  I don't know what's going on.  Did we just go on a bad day or should we just go to the Men's Warehouse in Tri-County?

Ok, second question.

All our GMs are from OOT.  We were planning on picking up the tuxes only 1 day before the wedding because that's when all of them would arrive in town to try them on before leaving the store.  What is the possibility that Men's Warehouse would screw up our order or there is a last-minute situation that can't be fixed?  I'm a little worried because our GMs are not all common sizes.

UPDATE: We called MW Kenwood, asking to speak with the head of the tux rental department. Her name was Marsha. She said that the current deal is rent 5, get 1 free.  So I also don't know what last week was about. But I thought this would give the whole picture.
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Re: Men's Warehouse in Kenwood?

  • MattsPenguinMattsPenguin member
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    edited December 2011
    I did mine at MW in Kenwood and didn't have such issue.  We had 7 total rentals, though.

    The lady said to let them know by 5pm on Friday (before Saturday wedding) if there were any issues that needed to be addressed.

  • edited December 2011
    We went to Men's Warehouse by Bridgewater Falls. The girls were very helpful.  We are renting 7 tuxes (including dad's) so they never really mentioned how many you HAD to rent to get the deal.

    We also found a coupon in the recent David's Bridal catalog for $40 off each tux rental which the girls noted on the account.

    Everyone in our party is from OOT as well.  They said let them know by Friday afternoon when they are picked up if any adjustments need to be made and they can make it happen.

  • nics21nics21 member
    edited December 2011
    Hey--this has nothing to do with men's warehouse, but I just went to a meeting with a photog, daniel michael, and he gave me coupons for rent 5 get one freee, 40$ off each tux, and ring bearer half off at folchis and some other local place.  I understand the appeal of a nationwide chain, but if you go with a place in town that has their own inventory if it's not right that day they have it all there and you don't have to worry about it. 

    But I bet you'd be fine with men's warehouse as well, they are so huge with so many employess i wouldn't hold one bad one against them.

    good luck!
  • salsajesalsaje member
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    edited December 2011
    Thats where my fiance and I went last month. We had no problems at all, they were pretty helpful. We did have and used a coupon from david's bridal to gave us the 5th rental free so I dont know what that was all about? Maybe you should try the tricounty store or go back when another associate is working.

    On the tux rentals, I would be nervous too about them messing it up but I have always heard good things about mens warehouse.
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks for your advice, ladies!
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