July 2012 Weddings

So I wasn't expecting a ring but...

Honestly, I'm just not at all interested in jewelry. Never have been. SO is a master electrician so we knew he'd rarely be able to wear a ring for safety sake, and I do daycare and foster care and I didn't want something I'd be scratching up babies with. We didn't talk about it at length, but in short I told him I'd rather put the money towards a nice wedding we and our families could really enjoy. We thought we'd get a couple of bands for the ceremony, but yeah. The whole ring thing just wasn't a priority for us.

Fast forward to this past Saturday. I was in the bathroom getting ready for a wedding we were going to. I heard him come in behind me so I squished my boobs together and turned around and asked jokingly if he thought they looked good in the dress I was wearing (small joke to us because I really don't have any boobs at all lol). To my complete shock, and semi horror lol, he was totally down on one knee with...a box? He'd already asked me to marry him. We'd already started planning. So what the heck was this??? First, he told me my boobs looked awesome!!! lol. Then launched into how much he loved me, and my kids, about how we were the family he never knew he wanted or needed but now couldn't live without. I almost barfed. Our love is beyond genuine, but we don't do serious displays like that. He'll scratch a heart in the ash around a bonfire, leave me notes around the house for me to find when he's on the road, pick me wild flowers everytime he goes out on the wheeler to check deer cameras and such but to like, sit in front of each other and gush just isn't our style.

I honestly didn't even know he had that in him.

Duh I said yes - again. And although I didn't expect to do such a thing I bawled and buried my head in his shoulder. Then he presented me with a humdinger of a ring!!!! He said the minute he saw it he knew it had to be mine. It's got a leaf design like I've never seen and totally speaks to our mutual obsession with nature. Originally came with a round center stone, but once he learned there was such a thing as a "princess" cut diamond he said he couldn't resist the notion for cheesy reasons (I am not a girly girl by any means and hate to be referred to anything as such...he knew it would make me roll my eyes and smile everytime I looked at it, which was totally the point...and I totally do lol). I love love love it for that reason. He was able to turn a symbol I couldn't completely relate to and turn it into something beautiful to me that totally spoke of who we were as a couple...our love of the outdoors, our love of finding laughter everywhere we can in life, and our love of surprising each other in small...and BIG ways!!!!

So there ya go. Thought I'd share I've now joined the ranks of ring wearers lol. I'm not sure I'll wear it much when I'm working, but aside from that I haven't been able to take it off!!!

 Without further ado, a couple of pictures!!!!

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