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May 2011 Weddings

Thinking ahead about Candy Buffet

So I was thinking recently about the Candy Buffet I wanted.  My sister had just ordered some Candy for a Baby Shower and had to pay a mandatory overnight shipping because of the weather and candy melting.

Are any of you doing a candy buffet?  I was thinking about ordering my Candy in February/March so that I wouldn't have to pay extra for candy (most likely from candywarehouse), but I'm hoping all of the candy will be good for the end of May. 
What do you guys think?

Re: Thinking ahead about Candy Buffet

  • I think it'll still be ok - as long as it doesn't get melted or anything.  I'd just keep it in a cool DRY place until you use it, air tight as well.  It should be just fine.  :)  Good luck!!

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  • We're doing one.  
    Do you belong or know someone who belongs to Sam's, Costco, or Bjs?  We're getting our American candy from Costco and then bringing over our English candy with us.  

    We aren't using candy in our colors as it will be more expensive and I want candy I like not just purple candy.
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  • I think the candy should still be fine. Just a thought but have you considered to only order the candy that would probably melt early. If it was some hard candy you can order that anytime.
  • I'm probably going to have an assortment of jelly beans, m&m's, sixlets, PixieSticks, lollipops, and Rock Candy... so I guess I would just need to order those M&m's and sixlets.  I'm doing mine in my wedding color, but I love all candy so it works for me :)  I as also thinking about Valentine's Day "pink colors" so I could buy them possibly on clearance after Valentine's day...  But then again, who would have pink jelly beans on clearance... we'll see

    Thanks girls!
  • My next suggestion was going to be clearance holiday candy.  
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  • Im having a candy buffet too!! I was wondering about that as well. I think I might order early also, but am worried about it spoiling. 
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  • Go shopping the day after Halloween.  Seriously.
  • It won't spoil in 3-4 months time.  Most candy lasts 6 months+ in normal temp weather.  Keep it in ziplock bags (if it isn't already in tight packaging) in the fridge and take it out that morning or the night before.  When you do though, make sure it is still in a cool place, like next to a fan or an airconditioner, at the place where the reception will be.
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