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Hi! I have your faux fur wrap (that was incredibly useful for my chilly wedding day!) and I want to make sure you get it back.  I emailed you, but I'm not sure that you recieved it.  Please let me know how I should return it and if you'd like it cleaned (how to clean it since I am afraid of ruining it). 
Thanks again and I'll be sure to shoot pics your way when they come!

Re: ***HRParker***

  • edited December 2011
    Crap!  Sorry lady.  I think you sent an email awhile back, and I totally forgot about it.

    Honestly?  If it's still in good condition, I'd much rather you pass it along to another knottie-in-need than to worry about sending it back to me.  I know I won't really have a chance to wear it, but I'm sure another bride might.  [:)]
  • mindiosumindiosu member
    edited December 2011
    Awesome! It's still in great condition. I'll post about it and let others know of your generosity :)  I'll make sure it finds another set of shoulders to keep warm!
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