Kiawah Island

My honey and I are working on Honeymoon plans...we want to go to Kiawah Island (I have been there many times and am very excited to take him). Does anyone know of any great rental properties on the island? (we have a tight budget so couldnt really go over $1000 a week...we are looking for something from june 5-june 12) Just thought I would check because I know it is a popular vacation destination....and you just never know. Thanks!!

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    I LOVE Kiawah!! Not sure how much you know about available properties...I don't know any specific ones but I do know that everytime my family has gone, we've used Beachwalker Rentals, and have always gotten a nice villa.

    You can save some dough by staying in the Turtle Point area or by tennis courts, Heron Point might be an area too...when you get real close to the beach you'd probably get outside your budget range. Have a lovely honeymoon!!
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    I am not familiar with this place but a friend just posted pics on facebook from her trip. IT looks wonderful.
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