Cincinnati Zoo for ceremony/reception location

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I've looked through the boards and haven't found any info on the zoo, so I apologize if this is a re-post and I've simply overlooked it elsewhere.

My fiance and I are getting married September 3, 2011 and we're in the beginning phase of planning and trying to find a venue for the ceremony/reception.  This is proving very difficult given we have a very tight budget and are paying for this all ourselves...not lucky enough to have a family who is helping out.  The most promising location so far has been the Cincinnati Zoo.  This would actually be perfect in every way since it's close to all of our family and friends, looks beautiful in the pics online and also is the sight of our first date nearly 6 years ago :)  The problem is they don't have prices online. 

I'm wondering if anyone has had their ceremony and/or reception there and if so, how much did it cost or if you can link me to a price list that would be wonderful, as well.

Also, any suggestions on venues in Ohio (anywhere but Cleveland) that are $5000 or less (that includes catering and all fees) would be wonderful!  We're going to have aprox. 65-70 people in attendance. 

Thanks a million!

Re: Cincinnati Zoo for ceremony/reception location

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    some information on costs...doesn't have specifics on weddings, but if you check out the costs for other events and then add up the food costs, you can get a rough idea.

    I thought about the Cincinnati Zoo a long time ago, but FI worked there many moons ago and still can't stand to listen to the monkeys scream!

    Also, would say you probably wouldnt want to hold a special dinner around the animal enclosures (apparently you can use the gorilla viewing area for a reception) because of the odor!

    But, I do think it would make for a nice day- especially if the guests get to walk around the zoo exhibits.

    Happy planning.

    Happy planning!
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     I love the zoo, we have passes and go there all the time. But its expensive! So we are opting instead just to do bridal pics there
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    For that number you should definitely look at the fairfield community arts center. It's under $700 to rent the room and it is beautiful! Then you pick a caterer..one from their list or anyone who is licensed. We are doing ours there for 125 people for around $2500 not including alcohol which would be $10 per person. So definitely in your budget. http://www.fairfield-city.org/cac/planevent.cfm
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    Receptions by Fairfield could be another option.  ( I know they have several locations, but this is the only one I've been to)  For the size you are looking at, you should be able to come in under 5k.  They also offer promotions all of the time offering free open bar, and you have enough time to wait until they are running the special to book.  From past weddings I've been to, the food is great, and the staff seems very nice too.  We looked at it, but decided to stick closer to Dayton.  When we went for our appt they were awesome.  Good Luck!!
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    Thanks to everyone for your replies...they are a tremendous help!  And thank you especially to those who suggested different options within our budget range.  I am sweating and stressing a little less now knowing there's places out there that I haven't checked out yet Laughing
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