I have seen this posted before but now I need to get serious about it. Who are you using/did you use for alterations? I am getting ready to contact them this week. Also, did you get an estimate from more than one person? How did that work? Are they willing to give you an estimate without you paying them a deposit or any money? TIA
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Re: Alterations

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    I used stitches by pauline. My dress came in super late, and she was the only person that would agree to do it in the time I needed it. She was great at giving me an estimate without needing a deposit. She gives the estimate for free. She was quick and clean and easy to schedule with.
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    Try Sew Special in Mason. She works out of her home and is super nice and easy to work with. www.sewspecial.biz
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    I second Pauline.  She did a brilliant job. 
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    I also used Stitches by Pauline.  Her home is out in the Milford/ Loveland area.  She has a website.  She was great: super friendly and super quick!  She took my dress and my mothers eventhough it was just weeks before my wedding.  She kept my dress until the day before.  For a small fee, she steamed my dress and veil.  She was great!

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    I'm using Pauline. I actually had a fitting yesterday and was worried because the dress was so snug. She did a fantastic job! She's also super sweet.
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    I use Rip N Stitch.  They're real reasonable and fast.

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    (513) 793-4052
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    I used Pauline as well.  All in all, she did a great job, but I did have some problems with my bustle.  The eyelets didn't hold, so I had to have one of my bridesmaids sew the bustle in place during the reception so it would stay.  My train was very heavy though.

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    I'm using Tony King.  If you want to use him, call now.  Depending on when your wedding is, he told me he is almost booked for the rest of the year.  All my cousins have used him and he's supposed to be the best.
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    I used Margaret Oldfield, but I just found a lady in Mt. Adams who is awesome. She is a teacher at DAAP and does amazing stuff with Wedding Dresses. Her name is Ann Firestone. Let me know if you want her info. Her card says she's a custom bridal dressmaker.
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    I used Cindy Brown in West Chester, off of Dimmick Rd. She did a great job and also made me a custom veil. Her number is 513-779-6365, and her website is cynthiassewing.com.
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    I use Pauline for all of my alterations - from pants to dresses. I have been using her for years. I am definitely using her for my wedding dress - once it comes in.
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    I LOVE stitches by pauline. I had my first fitting w/her last week. SUPER NICE!
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    Pauline!!!!  Super knowledgable, inexpensive, and spunky :)  Love her!
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