Married! 9/5/10 Vendor Reviews part 1,

We had a great wedding :)  There were so many people that helped us that this is a very very long post.  But, I want to make sure I mention all of the fabulousness (and not so fabulousness) out there. I am going to break this down into a few posts.
Venue: (Ceremony and Reception) Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center http://www.thecarnegie.com/  Let me start off by saying that this former library turned gallery/theatre is beautiful.  So many people have  commented on the venue and it’s uniqueness.  The architecture certainly contributed to the overall look of the night and I have nothing but good things to say about the building itself.  Other positives; VERY reasonable bar charges (compared to what I’ve seen other people say on here), low rental fees (although you are only paying for the space and absolutely nothing else) and all night valet service for a 500 dollar flat fee.  However, it wasn’t all good. The event coordinator at the Carnegie was a huge problem.  She didn’t follow up, made promises she couldn’t keep and without talking to the appropriate people and continually dropped the ball in more ways than I can list on here.  The weekend of our wedding was particularly stressful (up until the actual night) due to several things that happened.   Because we have since talked to the executive director who was very apologetic and made the appropriate amendments to our bill I am not going to list all of the things that occured.  I do really want the Carnegie to succeed.  As I said before, it’s a beautiful building that is doing really great things.  I hope they make the changes necessary to improve their customer service.  If you are considering using the Carnegie please don’t walk away only because of this review.  Feel free to send me a PM and I can talk to you about it.  
Makeup: Nancy with Brideface   http://brideface.blogspot.com/      There isn’t much new I can say about Nancy.  She’s great.  My bridesmaids,mother, mother in law and myself loved our makeup.  Plus, you can always count on Nancy to make you feel hot.  Totally worth every dime. 
Hair: Liz Carter [email protected] Liz was recommended to me by Nancy.  I completely changed my hair the day of the wedding from what we did at the trial and she went with the flow without a complaint J She also dealt with a couple of high maintenance bridesmaid issues without appearing to get flustered or annoyed.  My hair looked great and I got lots of compliments on it! 
Stationary: We used Sarka with Citrus Press  
www.etsy.com/shop/CitrusPressCo She did our programs, save the dates and invites.  They were all beautiful and unique.  They actually sort of helped me set the tone for our wedding.  Sarka was great with communication and making sure she did exactly what I wanted. 
Photographer: Bob White with White Photography www.whiteimagery.com/">http://www.whiteimagery.com/  We booked Bob because we thought his prices were the most reasonable for what he offered.  A lot of the less expensive photographers did cheesy photoshop effects were didn’t like.  Bob was lower than some of the more premier people but produced beautiful images.  Also, we really liked his personality.  He’s very laid back and quirky and made us feel comfortable quickly.  I was very happy with our engagement pictures and am excited for our wedding pictures (will post when they appear)! I saw him doing all kinds of crazy things to get good shots.  Overall, I really recommend him.  A couple of small problems: he did take a while to get our E-Shots back to us, however, as soon as I emailed him he had them out within 24 hours (and we did take the shots right smack in the middle of wedding season).  Also, I had some family stuff going on that I filled him in on before the wedding.  He was aware and very sensitive to it but he forgot to tell his assistant and she put me in some very uncomfortable situations.  However, after I mentioned it to him it was taken care of.   As an aside, ladies like Bob.  A lot.  My mom’s friends (and some of mine) kept pulling him aside to be IN pictures.  
Caterer: Eat Well Catering http://www.eatwellonline.com/   I cannot say enough about Renee and her staff.  Renee, the head chef of Eat Well and her team helped me with time line, coordination, stress relief and cooked DELICIOUS food.  Seriously delicious…people are still telling me how it’s the best food they have ever had at a wedding.  They helped me coordinate rentals and made sure everything  that needed to be there was there. The servers she has on staff were so friendly and made everyone, especially myself and my fiancé, feel very special.  My husband commented that they were one of the few people who were as solicitous of him as they were of me (because so many times people make it about the bride only).    We had our reception and ceremony in the same place and they turned the space over quickly and efficiently during cocktail hour.  They made fabulous lemon drops to go with our “theme” and kept everyone quite happy during cocktail hour J  The oven broke that night and the food needed to be warmed up before service (not Eat Well’s fault-it was a rental, will get into later).  Renee and her staff ran around like crazy (I had no idea this was going on) until they finally got the firemen across the street (in Covington) to grill the food (and as I said before, it was delicious!)   This made the night go a bit later and they comped us for the extra time (even though it was not their fault).  Renee apologized to everyone and worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect.  Anyway, use Eat Well! They are great!  Also, thumbs up to the firemen on Scott Street J 
Rentals: Camargo Rentals http://www.camargo-rental.comWe used Camargo because that is the company our caterer works with the most.  I wouldn’t say that their prices were the best I’ve seen (they are fairly average) their products were high quality.  Our linens were beautiful.  Natalie Currin at Camargo was very helpful and answered my emails promptly.  Only negative with Camargo is that the warming oven we rented was broken (as mentioned above).  They did comp our bill without incident. 

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