Vendor selection "etiquette"

When you choose a specific vendor, are you supposed to notify other vendors you've considered, but did not choose?  I did once and did not get a response, which I thought was pretty rude.  So I'm just curious?


Re: Vendor selection "etiquette"

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    Only unless you had them reserve a specific date would you need to let them know that you will not be using them.

    btw...you misspelled etiquette...sorry...I'm a stickler on spelling! :)

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    Absolutely - especially if they took the time to meet with you.  It's courtesy and even if they don't acknowledge your decision, you're the bigger (wo)man than they are. 
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    I think it is nice to let them know you will not go with them. But I also think they should appreciate the fact that you are letting them know. That sucks they did not respond.
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    I've notified venues and photographers when I decided that I wasn't using them.  All responded thanking me for letting me know.
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    OMG @econner42,  I'm so embarrassed- believe it or not, I'm usually the one who picks apart everyone's spelling.  LOL  Thanks!  I fixed it. ;)

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