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So when I first got engaged a friend offered to throw my bridal shower.  Now that we have gotten near the time of having it she has blown it off and made it sound like she will not be throwing it.  So now I have a couple questions for people.  1. Do you have to have a bridal shower?  2. Who usually throws the bridal shower?

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Re: Bridal Shower

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    (1) Nope.  Though I understand the feeling of wanting to have one and don't fault brides for it.

    (2) Usually it's a close friend of the bride (genearlly one of the bridesmaids), though sometimes close family members can get involved (i.e. sisters, cousins, etc.).  It's generally considered improper for the MOB to throw the shower, however.
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    Yes, family shouldn't throw the shower as it's considered asking for gitts.  It is really the responsibility of the bridal party (usually led by the MOH), but I don't really think it's polite to ask people to throw you a shower!  I would be a little bummed though if my girls weren't throwing me a shower.  But HR is right, you certainly don't have to have one.
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    Really? I didnt know that family wasnt suppose to throw you one. My mom had one for me on March 20th, and Chris' mom had one for me today for his side of the family. No one thought it was weird. A lot of the ones Ive been to have been thrown by the families.

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    I'm sorry your friend backed out. It's not required to have one, and you can't ask someone to throw you one. But I do understand why you (and others) are disappointed not to have one. You could always plan a lunch, tea, or party with friends, without gifts.

    In the past, the MOB couldn't throw it because it looked gift grabby. Brides lived with their mothers and it looked like mom wasn't providing as much as she could. In today's world of us ladies living away from home before marriage, it's less taboo. It also just depends on your circle and what's expected. 

    I just had my (awesome) shower last night. My mom and grandmother planned it, but my two sisters/MOHs hosted the party and activities (one's in high school and the other is a single mother and third shift nurse, so they didn't have much time for the planning). 

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    My mother is throwing one as is my mother in law. I know they arent supposed to but my MOH and bridesmaids can't so my mom and mil are.
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