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June 2011 Weddings

flower girl / ring barrier

Is anyone else not having a flower girl and ring barrier? If so, are you doing anything in replacment of them?

Re: flower girl / ring barrier

  • I can't decide. We were going to have FIs cousins two kids (girl and boy) but there is family drama there and FIs Aunt and Uncle don't like their DIL, who is mother to these children. errrrrrr. So sad and so annoying. I am thinking about just having the BestMan carry the rings in his pocket, and the florist just scatter flower petals onthe ground.
  • AWWW that is unfortunate. I am pretty sure we will not be having them..sometimes I second guess myself and hope I wont regret it, but I don't want to have to choose between little cousins and just overall am not thrilled of the idea of kids in the wedding. Thats a good idea to have the florists sprinkle flowers so there is something there.
  • If my neices are able to make it out from Guam then we're going to have them be the flower girl. No ring bearer though. We're just going to have the best man hold on the the ring. We don't really have any young boys in the families. lol
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  • We have a lot of them.. 3 flower girls (my two Nieces and FI Niece.) 3 Ring Bearers (My two Nephews and FI's Nephew). The two neices on my side are twins and I can't wait to dress them up!! I don't know if they will all make it down the aisle, but if they do they and if they don't it's fine! 4 will be 3 years old, one 6 yrs, and one 2 yrs. It'll be a fun time!
  • I am definitely having a flower girl/ring bearer - the RB is my son - he will be 7 and the FG is FI's cousin's daughter who will be 6 or 7 at the time.  They are going to be soooooooo cute together - I cannot wait to see the pics!
  • i'm not. & nope. what would be the point?
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  • I am having them, I think it'll end up being one FG, and two RB's because the RB's are brothers, and I can't pick only one
  • I'm not...I just don't have any family members who are young enough (or old enough) for the jobs....*shrug* oh well!
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  • We're having a FL but no ring bearer's. Instead, my 2 nephews are going to be junior groomsmen.
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  • Not having either and not replacing them either. They aren't necessary.
  • I would love to but we don't have any young cousins/nephews/nieces to use. I've threatened to start looking for random cute kids to borrow. :) We're debating having our dog (which is like our child) be the ring bearer but we're not sure yet.
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  • Heidi, my fiance really wanted / wants are dog to be there too, but I have vetoed that! Im sure it would be fine with some dogs.. and dont get me wrong, mine is like a child to me, but she jumps and licks and is a DOG! :) Im too scared of what "could" happen if she was there. Good luck if you do opt to have your dog there. Let me know how it goes!!
  • LOL & don't forget the fact that dogs go when they need to go...i saw a clip once where the dog peed on the bride >< not cool!
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  • We are not having either of them.  We don't have any young family members (well, my cousin has a 2 year old son, but that's it).  I feel like I wouldn't have them even if there were options, I don't want to have to spend my wedding day baby-sitting... Not doing anything to replace them either, hadn't even thought about it.  The best man will hold the rings.
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  • we're undecided. have younger family members who we arent close to and friend's kids that we are...
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  • We aren't having any either...The Best Man will carry the rings and we aren't replacing them with anything.  I have been to a couple weddings where they haven't had them and I don't think anyone noticed (except me b/c I was looking for it!!) =)
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